Bundaberg Rum Still Blowing Things Up


This is, by far, the strangest spirits ad we have ever seen. EVAR. It comes to us from none other than Bundaberg rum, the company that "blew up" an alligator and then apologized for not actually blowing up an alligator.

Created by Leo Burnett Sydney and directed by Tom Kuntz, the commercial mirrors (mocks?) an 80's music video. In the spot, we see a dweebish twenty something walk into a bar looking for a drink. As he approaches the bar, a bartender in a white tux opens up a door between his crotch and offers up a tour of the Bundaberg world. Over the top is an understatement. The fantastically goofy song was written by Leo Burnett creatives..

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-11    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

Foursquare Used to Steal Agency Talent


Admitting it isn't at the top of the list when it comes to digital agencies, EURO RSCG Brussels set out to change that by becoming the most visible virtual agency. How? It set out to check in on Foursquare at 42 of its rivals until it became mayor. When it did, it posted the mayorship on Facebook along with a message encouraging area creatives to join the agency to help make it better. Sadly, no word on whether or not the effort actually paid off.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-11    
Topic: Agencies, Guerilla, Online, Social

Charlotte Gets Social With SocialFresh


If the only thing you experience is Peter Shankman slapping social media gurus upside the head and bringing a modicum of common sense to the practice, then you will have received your money's worth at SocialFresh Charlotte. Shankman will keynote the day and a half conference September 6-7.

Apart from Shankman, you'll hear from Hubspot's Jeanne Hopkins, Webtrends' Justin Kistner, Radian6's David Thomas and many others speak on topics such as integrating social media with email marketing, creating content for inbound marketing, how to best train employees about social media and much more. We're happily sponsoring th event. Check out the details here. If you register, and you should, use discount code "adrants" for 20 percent off.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-11    
Topic: Industry Events

Kenneth Cole Stirs Debate on Abortion, Guns, Gay Rights and War


In its continuing effort to rid the world of every last prejudice, stereotype, human rights issue, environmental problem and other ailment facing the human race, Kenneth Cole is out with Where Do You Stand, an effort that aims to open debate on gay rights, woman's right to choose, gun control and war.

The effort is supported with an online site hooked up with which invite visitors to chime in on these topics. Offline advertising supports as well.

We're going to make one comment on one of the campaign's pieces of creative. And, in doing so, we're going to tip our hand and let you know we are decidedly pro-choice on the issue of abortion. One of the ads reads, "Should it be a woman's right to choose if she's the one carrying it all?"

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-11    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Cause

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Ladies, Drew Will Add 'Double Whoa' to Your Boobs


American Eagle Outfitters is the place you shop for baggy cargo shorts, rugby/polo-style short sleeved shirts or a nice sundress. A nice combination of preppy meets ripped, baggy jeans for the younger set. In 2006, though, someone at AE noticed many young girls didn't want to look so young (or preppy) any more and aerie was born. If you're unfamiliar, aerie is the place 15 year old girls go to buy lingerie so they can seduce 25 year old guys into taking them out on dates.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-11    
Topic: Commercials, Racy

McDonald's Hopes Coins Frozen in Ice Get Spent at McDonald's


To hype its Dollar Days $1 drinks, McDonald's Canada placed 4,000 Canadian dollar coins arranged like the golden arch inside a giant block of ice and asked passersby to chip away at the structure to retrieve the coins. It took just five hours for all the coins to be retrieved. Some would jump to the conclusion this was a tremendously successful stunt. We'd call it a success if McDonald's knew just how many of those 4,000 coins made their way into the chain's coffers.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-11    
Topic: Guerilla

Human Powered Vending Machine Dispenses Drinks


To induce trial, brands have, forever, been giving away their products hoping they are actually good enough for people to come back and buy. Over at Activate, it seems, that free ride is over. In its place is a ride that requires a person to do some actual work before being given a product to try.

In LA, Activate drinks has set up what it calls a human-powered vending machine. Angelenos can hop on, peddle for 30 seconds (way too short if you ask us but we're sure Activate doesn't want to cause any fat, lazy Americans a heart attack) and get a free drink.

Not a bad approach if you ask us. Americans have been fat and lazy for far too long and could use a reminder that it takes actual work to get things in life.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-11    
Topic: Guerilla

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