Did You Know? America is the Last Great Hope For Mankind


Who knew political campaigns would ever escalate to the epicness of most movie trailers? And like most movie trailers, these new ad make you want to immediately rush out and vote for whomever is behind the ad whether or not you even know the candidate... or have read the reviews.

The latest entrant into the Epic Presidential Commercial category is Rick Perry, who like Tim Pawlenty, has gone epic with his new television commercial. The first half trashes Obama. The second half pumps up Perry as the savior of "the last great hope for mankind."

For pure epicness, we prefer the Pawlenty spot. But Perry's is more grounded.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-22-11    
Topic: Political

Ain't No Pictures in This Travel Campaign


Oyster.com, a travel site no one's ever heard of, has just launched its first TV campaign. And it's done it one a budget which two commercial that are all words and no pictures. Which, as they'd like to point out, is quite different from your traditional destination glamor shot approach to travel advertising.

Hey, we're a big fan of getting to the point in advertising, There's far too much distracting crap shoveled into commercial that's, as the experts claim, supposed to entertain. Well last we knew, advertising was supposed to get people off their asses to buy shit. Not sit on the couch and laugh at talking animals or sock puppets.

The spots were created by Allen Kay the man behind the 1976 Xerox Super Bowl ad and the MTA's "See Something Say Something" campaign.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-22-11    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials

Miami to Host Latin America-Focused Marketing Conference, Awards


The Festival of Media LatAm 2011 held in Miami, October 12-14 has announced its full conference agenda for this year's event. The 2011 Festival agenda will offer senior level advertising, media and marketing professionals to explore issues affecting the industry. The agenda coversof both global and local issues, from economics to sport, television to social media, and luxury brands to branded content.

The first session will look at Global Integration with a focus on Latin America and the world economy with keynote speeches from economist Hernando de Soto and Philippe Krakowsky, Chief Strategy and Talent Officer from Interpublic Group. They will discuss Latin America's position on the global stage, including its influence on advertising and media thinking. This will be followed by David Zaslav, Chief Executive and President of Discovery Communications, who will take a look at future of media and broadcasting in Latin America.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-22-11    
Topic: Industry Events

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