CMP.LY Aims to Simplify Disclosure and Compliance For Brands


Back in the day, marketers had significant barriers to overcome when creating programs to market their products to consumers not the least of which was cost. Creating a TV commercial and buying media were and are very expensive. Today, with little to no money at all, a company can launch a website, create a Facebook page, tweet to their heart's content on Twitter, become and "expert" on Quora, publish their opinions and sales pitches on blogs and, generally, do whatever the hell they want to get people to buy their stuff.

The internet has become a Wild West of marketing and little has been done to control what a marketer can and will say to get people to part with their hard earned cash. To quell the craziness, the FTC a couple of years ago updated their guidelines to address what can and cannot be claimed online.

The guidelines were not well received by most bloggers who called the rules impossible to enforce and a great hindrance to free speech. In other words, it was just too painful and difficult.

A new company, CMP.LY. aims to address concerns regarding compliance and disclosure and to simplify the entire process. This, of course, is not new. IZEA, formerly known as PayPerPost was slapped upside the head when it first launched its sponsored post offering mostly because there was no disclosure in place and anyone could say whatever they wished - for money - without having to disclosed they were paid to say it. Well, that quickly changed and now IZEA has some of the strictest compliance guidelines on the market today.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-11-11    
Topic: Policy

Soccer Gets Its Own Most Amazing Man


So beer has The Most Amazing Man in the World. Why can't soccer have The World's Greatest Referee? Well, courtesy of LA-based Ignited and Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, now it can. Allow us to introduce you to Robert Roberto who lets us in on the game's Code of Conduct. It's a humorous take on applying the rules of soccer to real world scenarios. There are seven episodes in all.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-11-11    
Topic: Video

Study Finds Social Media Not Fully Leveraged by CMOs


A recent IBM study found that only 26 percent of CMOs are tracking blogs, 42 percent are tracking third party reviews and 48 percent are tracking consumer reviews to help shape their marketing strategies. The study was conducted across 1,700 chief marketing officers in 64 countries and 19 industries as a means to determine the focus on market circumstances versus individual consumer feedback.

Of the study and the shifting focus of CMOs, IBM researcher Carolyn Heller Baird said, "The inflection point created by social media represents a permanent change in the nature of customer relationships. Approximately 90 percent of all the real-time information being created today is unstructured data. CMO's who successfully harness this new source of insight will be in a strong position to increase revenues, reinvent their customer relationships and build new brand value."

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by Steve Hall    Oct-11-11    
Topic: Research

Mitsubishi Makes It Normal to Own an Electric Vehicle in Normal, Illinois


Wait. Didn't we already do the whole -rename-the-town-for-marketing-purposes-thing already? Wait, what? Mitsubishi really isn't renaming Normal, Illinois EVTown? They're just giving 1,000 electric cars to Mitsubishi residents and outfitting the town with charging stations in an effort illustrate what an all-electirc automotive world would look like on a large scale?

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by Steve Hall    Oct-11-11    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns

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Have Great Sex Without All the Mess


So here's the latest condom marketing idiocy. Durex is out with Digital Love, a site on which, so they say, you can have sex without actually coming into contact with a partner. Which, of course, is likely the best way not to get pregnant or contract a sexually transmitted disease. However, the site offers no such thing.

You get a slow loading site, a webcam experience (if you have one) and the chance to stare at a hot woman or man who will coo sexual innuendo in your ears until, surprise, you are told you are an idiot for actually thinking you could have sex without touching.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-11-11    
Topic: Commercials, Creative Commentary, Online, Opinion

No, Dr. Pepper. We Can't Swallow This Joke


Here we go again. Predictably, the interwebs are up in arms over a not-so-recent but recently expanded Dr. Pepper campaign promoting its "for men only" product Ten. Ten is being heavily marketed towards men. Nothing wrong with that per se. But it's being done with the intentional exclusion of women. In a commercial that's been out since April, at least on YouTube (yea, we know. why is everyone just getting to this now?) a man who appears to be in a macho, shoot-em-up movie stops, turns to the camera and asks, "Hey ladies. Enjoying the film? Of course not. Because this is our movie and this is our soda. You can keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks. We're good."

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by Steve Hall    Oct-11-11    
Topic: Brands, Opinion

Trey Songz Drools Over Hottie in Rocawear


Rapper/songwriter/producer/actor/whatever Trey Songz (aka Tremaine Aldon Neverson) can be seen in new work for street wear clothing brand Rocawear. In the quick :17 teaser, Songz is seen biting his lower lip in anticipation of getting a bit more from the woman he sees disrobe in front of him. He is then seen climbing on top of her in bed to, well, one assumes, have his way with her superfine body.

Yea. All to sell a little bottle of fragrance. Because, after all, i you smell right you are guaranteed to get laid by the hottest chick in the room.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-11-11    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Celebrity, Racy

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