Clorox2 Helps Men Remain Childish


Well, it's only fair. For decades, women were portrayed in advertising as being eye candy to refrigerators, terrible drivers and inept at just about everything in comparison to men. So it really makes perfect sense that men are now often portrayed as blithering buffoons, technophobes or children inside a grownup body.

So it's without surprise Big Fuel has helped Clorox2 perpetuate the current stereotype of a child within a man's body who can't wait until the woman of the house is gone so he can come out and play..and invite the rest of his "adolescent" buddies along for the ride.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-12-11    
Topic: Video

Audi's Branded 'Untitled Jersey City Project' Well-Acted, Suspenseful


Audi is out with Untitled Jersey City Project, an eight episode video series about Jersey City real estate developer Larry Tyerman, architects Frank George and Ray Rahne and The Ledger Reporter Jane Kaplan. It's the story of Waterfront Field and the people involved in building it. There's canoodling between Frank and Jane, there's murder, pending bankruptcy, clandestine political arrangements and all other kinds of nefarious behavior.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-12-11    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Commercials

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