No One With A Disability Should Have to Hide


Yea, we'll agree with Copyranter on this one. It's moving. It's touching. It sends a powerful message. And it's just plain touching. It's for Pro Infirmis, a Swiss organization that helps those with disabilities. Go ahead, Watch it. How does it make you feel. Thank you Jung von Matt for this wonderful work.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-13-11    
Topic: Cause, Commercials

Phone Company Urges World to Put Phones Down And Enjoy Life


This is like tobacco companies spending all kinds of money telling people smoking is bad for them and then at the same time doing everything they can to get people to buy as many packs of cigarettes as possible. While like like the message in the Thailand-based dtac commercial which shows what life would be like if all you had was your phone, we question the duplicity of it all.

Yea, people are way to obsessed with their phones these day, present company included, but does a phone company really want people to use their phones less?

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by Steve Hall    Oct-13-11    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

Ten Really Good College Commercials


Online Colleges, a site that writes about, well, online college, news has put together a list of that they're calling The 10 Most Creative College Commercials. While we'd beg to differ on their use of the word "creative" in some cases, many of the highlighted commercials, are, in fact, apart from the usual pack of boring college recruitment ads.

Take the long form Yale commercial which after a very dull first couple of minutes breaks into song, Broadway musical-style. Yea, we know. Corny. But it's just strane and interesting enough to keep your attention for a bit. Check them all out here.

by Steve Hall    Oct-13-11    
Topic: Commercials

JimmyJane Wants You to Masturbate


Any spot that opens with, "Here at JimmyJane we understand that life gets a little complicated and we all find ourselves doing the things we should be doing instead of the things we want to be masturbating," is sure to deliver some quirky fun.

Oh yes. From adult toy maker Jimmy Jane comes this new video that sells vibrators as if they were some kind of direct to consumer drug. Which just might be a good thing. After all, is everyone masturbated a bit more, maybe the world would be a far less stressful place.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-13-11    
Topic: Racy, Strange, Video

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VW Canada Promotes New Jetta With 'Stolen' Paintings


We love this new VW Canada work from Red Urban and Untitled Films. Beginning in October, pop-up "Performance Art" galleries began to appear in major cities across Canada. The outdoor exhibits featured limited edition, hand-numbered, framed, long-exposure light painting photographs created by the new Jetta GLI. While the frames have been hung for all to admire, they weren't secured allowing some passeresby to claim the artwork for themselves. The "thieves" are being asked to share their steals on Volkswagen Canada's Facebook page which has already received numerous photos from fans decorating homes and offices with their stolen goods.

Whether or not you feel this campaign promoted thievery is your prerogative. We, however, think it's a wonderful way for a brand to give and get all at the same time. give a little art to the general public and get some free publicity in return. Win win.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-13-11    
Topic: Guerilla

Demi Moore Fronts Anne Taylor Holiday Campaign


While Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher might be having relationship difficulties, Moore is pushing ahead and can be seen in new work for Ann Taylor which has hired Moore to front their holiday ad campaign. It's Moore's second outing with the brand. In the campaign, Moore appears in winteresque scenes moeling fashions that will debut this month.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-13-11    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity

Women and Wine A Match Made in Heaven


Or at least that's what this new Clos du Bois campaign would have us believe. Shot by Kyle Alexander for California-based High Wide & Handsome (these agency names are getting stupid...or ingeniously witty depending upon your viewpoint), the campaign is called Fluent in French and features real women (not quite sure what using fake women in wine ads would be like) in every day settings. The settings are, indeed, lush and inviting.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-13-11    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns

Agent Provocateur Fails to Excite


Here's the latest from Agent Provocateur. Out for a week or so, it's racked up 32,700 views on Vimeo which is not all that much at all for a brand that specializes in titillating to sell lingerie. They've had a much better track record in the past with other work. Perhaps it's the Eyes Wide Shut-ish, S&M nature of the commercial that has viewers turned off. Perhaps it's the semi-nudity. Perhaps it's the lingerie no one would ever wear in real life. Perhaps it's the double standard that men can be tortured in a commercial but, God forbid, if women ever were there would be a cause group cacophony so loud every last model in the world would find themselves permanently clad in a burka.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-13-11    
Topic: Racy

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