Audi's Branded 'Untitled Jersey City Project' Well-Acted, Suspenseful


Audi is out with Untitled Jersey City Project, an eight episode video series about Jersey City real estate developer Larry Tyerman, architects Frank George and Ray Rahne and The Ledger Reporter Jane Kaplan. It's the story of Waterfront Field and the people involved in building it. There's canoodling between Frank and Jane, there's murder, pending bankruptcy, clandestine political arrangements and all other kinds of nefarious behavior.

In episode three, Frank and Ray attend an awards dinner for Frank. Ray gets a bit tipsy and admonishes Larry for buying off politicians. After Ray's outburst, Frank drives Ray home, In an Audi, naturally. But the pair aren't alone. There's a goon in the shadows and he has a plan. But we don't know what that plane is...until we watch episode four.

It's actually a well-acted, suspensefully-told story line that doesn't all prey to overly obvious product placement. And it certainly doesn't end in a neatly wrapped package with a bow on top. In fact, it's a very interesting ending for this kind of branded work. What do you think?

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by Steve Hall    Oct-12-11   Click to Comment   
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