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Love Tacos? There's An App For That


Brooklyn creative agency Big Spaceship is out with Taco Finder, an iPhone app that directs you to the nearest taco shop using GPS technology. How the app works:

- Open Taco Finder on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
- Follow the whimsical wooden arrow to your taco.
- Note the informative bottom bar - it displays the distance to your taco destination.
- Optional: Celebrate your taco tracking skills with a taco!

And there you have it. Tacos found.

by Steve Hall    Oct-26-11    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless

Occupy Wall Street Explained by Carlos Mandelbaum


You may remember a persona named Carlos Mandelbaum who did a series of videos entitled Carnival of Ideas. His videos touched on various topics including branding and other far reaching topics. When we viewed the recent OccupyWallStreet commercial we saw a man who looked strikingly familiar but we simply couldn't place him. Come to find out, after receiving an email today, it was Carlos Mandelbaum, himself, who made an appearance in the OWS commercial. Or, more correctly, David Intrator, the man who created the Carlos Mandelbaum character.

Now, Intrator, a New York-based brand consultant, can be seen in a Truthdig interview in which he better defines what the Occupy Wall Street movement really is about and why it's an inherently conservative movement.

I, for one, appreciate his succinct description of the movement.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-26-11    
Topic: Political, Video

Fear of Dictatorship Used to Urge Democratic Vote


To urge Tunisians to get out and vote, Memac Ogilvy Label Tunisia created a banner for Engagement Citoyen with the image of ousted President Ben Ali. Ali is not well loved making the presence of the wall hanging was very offensive to residents. So offensive a few of them ripped it down. Only to reveal the true purpose of the poster.

Underneath the image of Ali was the statement, "Beware, dictatorship can return. On Oct 23rd Vote." Check out the video below.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-26-11    
Topic: Outdoor, Political

Pot Not Legal in Iowa But PWC Says Grow Your Own


Here's some hilarity for the day. On October 19, The Daily Iowan published a front page story with the headline, "Despite poll, legal pot not near" along with the image of a bong. Innocent enough. Well, that is until the advertising department inadvertently got involved and slapped one of those sticker ads on the front page. According to Daily Iowan Editor, the newspaper only sells a couple of the stickers each year but this particular sticker from PWC read, "Grow your own way" lending a bit of unintentional hilarity to the front page story. Thanks for the tip @CampanaroCA.

by Steve Hall    Oct-26-11    
Topic: Newspaper, Strange

Bojangles Big Bo Box Versus Trophy Wife, Feet, Youth


BooneOakley is out with a new campaign for Bojangles Restaurants promoting the chain's Big Bo Box, a case of beer-sized box of "chicken, biscuits, fixin's and iced tea." And the ice tea seems to be the most important feature of the box since it's pitted against such oddities as a trophy wife who's actually a trophy, a surgeon who performs a miraculous surgery on himself and a water cooler that's actuality a fountain of youth. But, in the end, it's the tea that's more important. Funny stuff.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-26-11    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Strange

Agent Provocateur Turns Woman Into Zombie-Like Stepford Wife


Be forewarned. There are briefly exposed NSFW nipples in this Halloween horror-themed video from Agency Provocateur. But it's definitely worth watching. In the spot, a women gets a phone call Scream-style and is then attacked/haunted by hotties in lingerie whose mission, it seems, is to induct the woman into their cabal of lingerie-clad horror hotties. Entitled Fleurs Du Mal, the video was directed by Justin Anderson and produced by Epoch London.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-26-11    
Topic: Racy

Axe Tames Even the Most Horrific Halloween Hooligan


It's Halloween, right? Well that, of course, means it's time for spoofing horror classics. All of them. Most primarily, though, the hot chick fleeing a demented serial killer scenario. But this being a commercial, there's a happy ending and it's bought to us by Axe.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-26-11    
Topic: Commercials, Racy

Lynx Sponsors Boy-Bashing Bimbo Babble


According to the hottie in this Lynx photoshoot video, "men can be a bit dozy at times and forget things. You know...put too many sugars in your tea or forget what your favorite drink is or forget to record your favorite TV program." Anyway for more Lynx-sponsored boy-bashing bimbo babble, check out this video.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-26-11    
Topic: Racy

FastPay to Speed Funding and Invoice Payment


FastPay, a new tech-enabled finance platform servicing ad-tech businesses, launched today with $25 million already funded to dozens of digital media businesses. FastPay "empowers early and mid-stage companies in this $29B industry to fund their growth in an efficient, cost effective and equity-preserving manner. "

And that's not all. It's about getting paid faster once your business is up and running.

eMarketer estimates the size of the digital ecosystem will grow to $100B by 2015 and the IAB says nearly 80 percent of invoices now take from 60 to 90 days or more to pay. We can personally attest to this and it's not fun so we're a big supporter of any entity that claims it can get us out money faster and more efficiently.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-25-11    
Topic: Tools

Infographic Offers Anatomy of an Ad Agency


The best thing about this Anatomy of An Ad Agency infographic which takes a look at agency life is the daily timesheet section which is broken down by functional area. For example, account execs spend most of their time " managing expectations" and "looping in" while art directors are busy "tweaking," "bumping that up a bit" and moving things "a bit to the left." Copywriters ideate while reading The Onion and wishing they wrote for The Onion while developers spend their time "larping" (no idea), coding and working on their own, non-billable coding projects.

The second best thing about this infographic are the pick up lines used. AEs want to get real so their favorite is, "I spend all day metaphorically screwing people. let's do the real thing." Art Directors? "I can fill your shite space." Funny. Copywriters are high on themselves to they boldly proclaim, "My brochure copy isn't the only thing that's long." But it's developers who are the most twisted leading off with, "Can I debug your backend?" Ew. Gross.

Thanks for the laugh, Grip Limited.

by Steve Hall    Oct-25-11    
Topic: Agencies

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