Webroot Offers Make Good For Poor Computer Security


In a new campaign from TDA_Boulder, Webroot attempts to identify with consumer frustration over computer security. Along with print, outdoor, transit and online, a video mirrors a scenario we are all familiar with; the old-school focus group whereby the moderator tries to get people to boil down concepts to one word.

Well, for these folks, computer security is a four letter word. Or several four letter words strung together so, as one lady says, "if you say it fast, it's one word."

It's all to support the October 4 launch of Webroot's SecureAnywhere cloud-based security product.

An open letter print ad and transit panel doesn't adhere to the focus group's one word rule and reads: "On behalf of the entire computer industry, we're sorry. More specifically, we're sorry for updates, updates for our updates, slowing your new computer down to a crawl, not actually doing anything, wasting your time, confusing you with pop-ups, taking up so much room on your hard drive, more updates, not playing well with most other programs you own, monopolizing your time, and a few other things we never told you about."

Of the campaign, TDA_Boulder Creative Director Jonathan Schoenberg said, "With this campaign, Webroot bluntly acknowledges the PC security industry's past 15 years' worth of inadequate offerings. In how many other categories do consumers continually pay more and get less? Now, Webroot has answered by delivering a product that is nearly 4x faster than the category leader, 98% smaller and 94% less disruptive to a user's computing experience. It is a product that will exceed the expectations of a ('til now) grossly under-served consumer."

by Steve Hall    Oct- 5-11   Click to Comment   
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