A Blow-By-Blow Account of the ad:tech Party Scene


You know the whole bell curve thing? That situation where most of what's in question occurs in the middle with minimal pre and post activity? That's a particularly apt analogy for the ad:tech New York party scene this year. There were a couple of parties Tuesday night. There are a couple scheduled for Thursday night. But on Wednesday night, there were...get ready...over 13 parties. That's a lot of free booze to give away.

On Tuesday night, the Unofficial AdTech User Generated Music Party gave anyone brave enough a chance to make a fool of themselves karaoke-style in front of their fellow industry mates. And the XY7Elite Affiliate After Party gave the rest of those a chance to co-mingle and munch on the amazing snacks over at Traffic Bar. It was a slow night with things pretty much wrapped up by midnight.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-10-11    
Topic: Industry Events

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