Justene Jaro's Boobs Sell Jeans


The headline about says it all really. Check out Justene Jaro and her huge breasts convince the world to run out and buy a pair of The Hundreds jeans. And, yes, we know the ad is a year old. But aren't you glad we decided to feature it to day?

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by Steve Hall    Nov-18-11    
Topic: Racy

Duck Sends Hockey Stick to Puppy Using Dominoes


So how does a goose in Montreal send a FedEx package to a puppy in Florida? Why with a BBDO Toronto-created, Rube Goldberg-like FedEx boz dominoes extravaganza, of course. Watch as hundreds of FedEx boxes, arranged to mirror the trip the package takes, cascade perfectly with Honda Cog-like precision until the packages contents, a hockey stick, are finally delivered to the puppy on the other end.

It's all to promote the brand's multi-day shopping options. Very nice work.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-18-11    
Topic: Commercials

Fiat Nails Men's Relationship to Women and Cars Perfectly


So that supposedly offensive (to whom we aren't quite sure) Fiat ad in which a nerd is approached by an Italian woman after she catches him staring at her as she adjusts her shoe? Here's what we have to say about that.

The ad, created by The Richards Group, just funny. That's all. It's not offensive in an way, shape or form. It's just a true statement of fact: men are perplexed, dumbfounded and all out distracted when in the presence of a hot woman or a hot car. The ad is a dead on depiction of men and their relationship to women and cars. And that's just the way it is.

OK. Can we all move on now? Oh and thanks to Who is That Hot Ad Girl, here is all the background you'd ever need on the woman in the ad, Catrinel Menghia.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-18-11    
Topic: Commercials, Creative Commentary, Opinion, Racy

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