Pinder's Pulchritude Pulled From Lynx Campaign


A series of online videos and offline poster featuring the pulchritudinous Lucy Pinder have been banned by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority because they are thought to be sexually suggestive, indecent, provocative, glamorize casual sex and objectify women. In addition, the campaign was said to be irresponsible since it was placed in locations where it could be seen by children.

In the videos, which are still all over YouTube, Pinder can be seen washing a car, jogging, playing with a light sabre, cheering and generally prancing about while scantily clad. The videos and poster campaign are accompanied by such taglines as, "Play with Lucy," What will she do to make you lose control" and "Put premature perspiration to the test."

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by Steve Hall    Nov-23-11    
Topic: Racy

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