Old Spice Transforms Fat Dude Into Buff Biker


Continuing its Smell Better Than Yourself campaign, Wieden + Kennedy is out with its second commercial. In the ad we see the true power and transformative qualities of Old Spice Swagger. After a pudgy fellow in a locker room takes a wiff of some Swagger, his porcelain-like exterior cracks away revealing a buff biker.

But he's not alone. His fellow locker roommates, an even fatter dude and some old guy also loose their not so attractive exterior yielding...a bear...and, of course...a babe.All of which is to prove that while Axe/Lynx may attract every single hottie on the planet, Old Spice will actually make you, yourself hot.

by Steve Hall    Nov-22-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials   

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