Annoying Skittles 'Viral' Actually 'Going Viral'


With over 400,000 views already, this so-bad-its-good "viral" from Skittles is bound to actually go viral. Copyranter hates it. and we can see why. It's hideously annoying. But it does have its redeeming qualities. As "virals" go, wacky and weird usually work. And this video is full of wacky and weird. But what we like most about it is how much it reminds us of the high school hotties we so loved to see in gym class wearing their piped shorts and tube socks. Now its fashion. Back then, it was just what you wore to gym class. But it was still hot. And hot in a way that was natural. Not contrived as it seems today.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-11    
Topic: Viral

Top Tens Tips For Creating Sexually Gratuitous Ads


OK. Here's your racy ad for the day and the top ten tips you should be aware of if you plan to employ your own "sex sells" strategy in your next campaign. This particular campaign employs the perfect combination of bikinis and board.

1. Gratuitous, slow motion close up shots of gyrating booty in a bikini.

2. Playful undressing that teases.

3. Bikini clad babes lounging while watching their boys to their thing.

4. A woman expelling liquid from her mouth.

5. A woman sucking on a straw.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-11    
Topic: Racy

Top Ten Tips For Creating A Lame Ass 'Viral' Campaign


Tips and tricks for creating yet another lame "viral campaign."

1. Make sure you shake the camera when filming as if you were having a seizure. Because everyone knows only professional camera operators can hold a camera still.

2. Make sure you employ painfully contrived situations such as two female friends who are far too old to actually be caught dead on camera singing, "Don't you wish you were hot like me?"

3. Make sure you feign fear and incessantly zoom in and out on a mundane "clue."

4. Always type "WTF?!?!?" in the description of your video.

5. Hire a grandfatherly figure to lend some levity and calm to the stunt because, hey, grandpa never lies.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-11    
Topic: Viral

Audi Skid Marks Become Ad For Soccer Match


In what looks, at first, like yet another demonstration of an auto manufacturer's obsession with proving its vehicles are high performance race cars even though that speed and agility is never needed on public roadways, DDB Spain has created an interesting promotional sponsorship device for Audi's association with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

The two teams, both of which have Audi as an official vehicle sponsor, are set to go head to head next Saturday, December 10 in the Spanish Derbi. A video, which looks like a couple of Audis just drifting around a few pylons turns out to be a pretty ingenious approach at creating a layout for an ad which ultimately appeared in print. Watch the video to see the result.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-11    
Topic: Sponsorship, Video

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Smarmy Lessons in How to Get a Girl


Joop, some kind of fancy fragrance brand, has hooked up with "James Charm," a smarmy fellow who has all kinds of atypical strategies for picking up women. In his third video, he advises one of the best places to get the girl is in the ladies room. Seriously. After offering a detailed, step by step approach to leveraging the ladies room, Charm reminds viewers not to forget your secret weapon, Joop fragrance

We have just one thing to say about this. Any man who buys cologne in a pink bottle deserves to spend his life in the ladies room.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-11    
Topic: Video

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