'Sex Is No Accident' Campaign Extended to Video


Earlier this year, MTV Germany, with help from Grey, launched a cartoon-style safe sex campaign that illustrated some pretty ridiculous situation in which a "sex accident" could occur. The campaign has now taken on video form. In three new ads a guy water skis into the backside of a woman, a flying woman falls onto a sitting man and a Vespa crash turns into pool sex. Ridiculously funny.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-19-11    
Topic: Racy, Strange, Video

Search for 'Let It Snow' on Google: Link Bait of the Day


Wait, what? Us? Link bait? Hey, if Mashable can routinely post the same story three different times looking or Google Juice then so can we. Want to know what currently drives the most traffic to Adrants? People who go to Google and search for "do a barrel roll." Why? Because when you perform that search, the site actually does a barrel roll an, well, apparently a lot of people want to see Google do a barrel roll.

Now the latest bit of fun over at Google can be had by typing "Let it snow." Do that and it will start snowing on the site.

OK. Blatant link baiting complete

by Steve Hall    Dec-19-11    
Topic: Online

Lacta Takes Message of Love Mobile


Lacta, a Greek chocolate brand, has long leveraged the notion of one's love for another in its advertising. From crafting multi-part online love stories to social media campaign, the brand has always been about spreading the love. And now, with help from OgilvyOne Athens, it's out with another method.

The agency created an app that people can use to send messages of love. When the message is received and a Lacta chocolate bar is help in front of the camera, the personalized message appears on the chocolate bar, itself. Through the camera lens, of course.

The creation of the app is a digital representation of existing behavior. It's actually a Greek tradition to write little love notes on the chocolate bar's wrapper. Now people can send these messages digitally too.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-19-11    
Topic: Video

Agency's 'Cool' Holiday Card A Yawn-Worthy Snoozer


So when we receive what's billed as the "coolest Christmas card of the year," we expect something, well, pretty cool. Sadly, we only received "sort of cool" or "far from cool." It's a video. Yawn. It's a song. Yawn. It's from an ad agency. Yawn. It's one of those all text deals. Yawn. It focuses on social media. Yawn. It's for a charity. Yawn. OK, that's always worthy. It's about Santa. Yawn. It bills itself as the coolest Christmas card of the year. Double yawn (for calling yourself cool and...OMG... offending people by saying Christmas instead of Holiday). It's three minutes long! ZZZZzzzzz......

It's one redeeming quality is the stab it takes at Google+ with the lyric, "I also joined Google+ but I think that one's a bust." Anyway, give it a watch. Maybe we're just in a bad mood and you'll love it. We still love you, MGH! Especially the work you did for Marco's Pizza.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-19-11    
Topic: Agencies

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