Swedish Banker Strips to Tout Transparency


In an effort to portray themselves as a fine upstanding financial institution with no secrets to hide, Swedish bank Ikano proves it's bankers will always make sure you know what you're getting. Of course, you might not want what you get once this particular banker takes his clothes off but all bankers can't be hot super model types. Or can they?

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by Steve Hall    Jan-23-12    
Topic: Strange

Whitehouse Hangs Out on Google+, CP+B Slammed


- If you're into Juicy Couture...or at least their advertising.

- The Whitehouse enters the world of Google+.

- Slate has a minimum of kind words in its piece about Crispin Porter + Bogusky and its loss of the Burger King account.

- Peter Berg is out with new work for MINI, Another Day, Another Adventure

- Is Imogen Thomas the new face of Caprice lingerie?

- Lego launches a social media community.

- If tweeting, blogging, Liking and Plus-ing isn't enough for you while watching the Super Bowl now you can also play Chevy Game Time. Yea, there's an app for that.

- Check out the new brainstorming tool, Thinkerbot, from Nail Communications

by Steve Hall    Jan-23-12    
Topic: Agencies, Campaigns, Racy, Social, Super Bowl 2012

Shit Creative Directors Say


Hey, you knew it was coming at some point. No, it's not a new TV show. But it is a new video from the interns over at Tattoo Projects who had fun making a parody of, well, shit creative directors say.

Oh come on! You know you've said a few of these things at least once or twice.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-23-12    

Go Daddy Girls Paint Hot Model in Super Bowl Ad


Perennial purveyor of prurient predilections GoDaddy has release the first of two spots it will air during this year's Super Bowl. The ad, which promotes the brand's dot-CO domain, is called Body Paint and features Go Daddy Girls Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels who, together, paint the naked body of a model while talking about the benefits of a dot-CO domain.

It's pretty tame compared to previous efforts from the brand. As always, there will be a web-only version of the commercial available Super Bowl Sunday for viewers to check out. The second commercial, Cloud, will feature Danica Patrick and the Pussycay Dolls. That one may be a bit more interesting.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-23-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials, Racy

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Samsung Previews Galaxy S II Super Bowl Ad


We agree with David Gianatasio's assessment of the latest Samsung Galaxy S II commercial. You've seen the campaign before. It's the one in which eager iPhone fanatics line up for the next greatest thing while happy Samsung Galaxy S II owners mock the fanatics by explaining their phone already has all the features iPhone fanatics are waiting for.

The first outing was funny. Even the second was mildly amusing. This third outing, not so much. Created by 72andsunny, the spot is a teaser for what will be the product's debut during the Super Bowl.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-23-12    
Topic: Super Bowl 2012

Tropicana's Sun Illuminates Trafalgar Square


Tropicana continues their Brighter Mornings campaign with a man made sun installation this morning in Trafalgar Square. At 6AM - one hour prior to natural sunrise - the man made sun began to rise. It will stay lit until 7:33PM this evening as well giving Londoners and extra three hours of daylight.

Created by Greyworld and taking over six months to create, the manufactured sun is 30,000 times bigger than a football, has a surface area of 200m2 and weighs over 2,500kgs. Its internal light source produces the equivalent of 60,000 lightbulbs, 4-million lumens of light.

Still it's no match for the actual sun but who doesn't love a little extra light now and then? Especially in Winter when it's so dark all the time. Check out the video of this morning's illumination and a "making of" video.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-23-12    
Topic: Guerilla

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