Anti-Cheese Campaign is...Ahem...Cheesy


A new outdoor campaign in Albany New York from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine uses images of fat people to argue cheese is unhealthy to eat. Jezebel writes, "The first and most obvious problem is that these ads look crappy and play on the weak and tired premise that fat people are disgusting."

We couldn't agree more. We'd venture to guess there are just as many skinny people who love and eat cheese as well. The PCRM claims the fact that cheese consists of 70 percent fat, mostly saturated, which they say, can lead to heart desease and diabetes.

Countering the campaign, Honest Weight Food Co-Op Manager Tom MacGregor counters that claim and the campaign saying it is "insane" and, "I think there are much bigger things to worry about than people eating cheese."

Of course eating pounds of cheese a week can't be good. But an anti-cheese campaign doesn't have be so terribly cheesy.

by Steve Hall    Jan-19-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Outdoor   

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