Liv Tyler Re-Imagines 'Need You Tonight' For Givenchy


If you're a fan of Liv Tyler (we are and have been since we saw her in Empire Records with then-unknown Rene Zellweger), you're going to love this new video she did for Givenchy Electric Rose. It's a reinterpretation of Need You Tonight and was shot by Johan Renck.

The work is quite stunning and will captivate you until the end. Well, it least it captivated us. To each their own. We love Liv. And we're proud to say it.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-23-12    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity, Video

Dallas Ad League Slams Copywriters


We all work in advertising. One could say we do it because we are obsessed with the profession. One could also say we're just stupid but let's just set that one aside for a moment and see what TM Advertising has to say on the topic. The agency created this video to promote the Dallas ADDYs.

The video is funny, But we have to ask, is it really all that helpful to the profession to slam one function to bolster another? No wonder many in the business are a bunch of whiney, self-entitled, primadonnas with God complexes.

"You keep this up, you're gonna be a copywriter."

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by Steve Hall    Feb-23-12    
Topic: Industry Events

How Adele's Middle Finger Played Out in Social Media


On Tuesday, the Brit Awards celebrated the best in British music. Twenty-three year-old British singer Adele, already a winner of six Grammys, was honored with a Brit Award. However, she was cut off partway through her acceptance speech which left her fuming. She gave the middle finger before storming off camera. Controversies erupted over the Brit Awards' decision to cut her off (many felt it was so they could run more commercials) and her response. In Future of Engagement, Murray Newlands analyzes how people reacted on social media and discusses what businesses can learn from it.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-23-12    
Topic: Research, Social, Video

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