You May Now Eat the Bride


Throughout the history of advertising, there have been thousands of ads that portray people having "relationships" with their favorite product. Sometimes these relationships are quite pedestrian. Other times, they're quite over the top such as the relationship portrayed in this new Jack in the Box commercial.

In the ad we have a son telling his mother he's getting bacon. Yes, bacon. And the voiceover says, "If you love bacon, make it official." It's all for the chain's new BLT Cheesburger (hmm...just another name for bacon cheeseburger?).

And the "official" part comes when we see the bacon-loving son standing with his BLT cheeseburger in front of a priest who pronounces, "You may now eat the bride." Hmm, we wonder how long before there's a porn version of this one.

The spot, created by Secret Weapon Marketing and StruckAxiom, breaks February 5 in 30 DMAs in 20 western and southern states

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-12   Click to Comment   

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