Condom Brand Helps Sluts Unite Against Rush Limbaugh


With a new campaign that unapologetically leverages the Rush Limbaugh situation, Sir Richard's Condoms offers support for the "Sex-Positive movement" in the form of an online "Slut's Oath" and 24 slutty, free-for-the-taking avatars. The campaign is created by advertising agency TDA_Boulder, Boulder, Colo.

Visitors to the are invited to take and to tweet the five-part oath:

- "I believe that sex represents more than just the creation of children.
- "I believe it is an enjoyable, healthy and a profound part of the human experience.
- "I believe that the responsible use of birth control is an essential component of a mature, civilized society.
- "And if these beliefs make me a slut in some people's eyes, so be it.
- "I will stand united with my fellow sluts, now and always."

They can also select as their own any of 24 ready-made avatars, such as "In Sluts We Trust," "My Dad Is A Slut," "Slut Is My Co-Pilot," "Lil' Slut," and "I Think Therefore I Slut."

by Steve Hall    Mar- 9-12    
Topic: Brands, Online, Political, Racy

Hammering A Nail Isn't Just Hammering A Nail Sometimes


Copyranter has called this the best home improvement ever. And we agree 100 percent. When you're mind is on task and you have a job to get done, your mind is focused, your heart is in it. And you derive great pleasure from even the most simple of tasks.

Why? Because they are your tasks. And your tasks and the most important of them all. So it's not a stretch hammering a nail into a piece of wood becomes as big a production as displayed in this Horbach Home Improvement Store commercial.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 9-12    
Topic: Commercials

It's Raining in Austin But, Dammit, We're Having Fun


This SXSW coverage is brought to you by Red Square Agency. The agency that also brought you irreverence.

There's really nothing worse than rain during SXSW. Why? SXSW is in Texas. Austin, Texas. And it's supposed to be warm and sunny here. All. The. Time. Well at least during SXSW when the entire country decides to call it home for five days. Alas, we can expect sun only one of the five days during SXSW Interactive. But we're not going to let a little rain get us down.

And the rain isn't letting the marketers down either. Even more so than last year, the brands are out in full force. Even GE. Yes, GE. Now you might wonder, what the hell does a company like GE have to do with marketing or social media. Well they've set up GE Garages, a hands-on lab filled with their latest technology for people to check out. The Garage will enable people to create personalized products for themselves using laser cutters, 3D printers, metal inert gas welders, computer numeric control mills and more.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 9-12    
Topic: Industry Events

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