Shutterstock Was Everywhere at SXSW!


This SXSW coverage is brought to you by Red Square Agency. The agency that also brought you an occasionally awkward sense of humor.

Walking around Austin during SXSW Interactive, you couldn't walk too far at night before you sa a Shutterstock projection on the side of a building. A program organized by New York-based Cake Group consisted of Shutterstock photo booths in Austin that would then project the images to various locations throughout the city. Additionally, photos sent to @shutterstock and tagged #sxswpix would make their way onto the projections.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-14-12    
Topic: Outdoor

Fake Auto Boots Promote Parking App at SXSW


This SXSW coverage is brought to you by Red Square Agency. The agency that also brought you Frappe.

With SXSW on a seemingly endless growth curve, standing out as a marketer is becoming more and more difficult. This year many large brands erected monstrous structures, took over restaurants, built large stand-alone branded structures and hosted concerts with major artists. But what's a small app developer to do amidst marketing giants?

As we made our way from some panel to another...or maybe it was one party to another...we don't all blurs together...we stumbled upon a minivan that looked like it had a boot applied to one of its wheels. On closer inspection, it turned out the boot was just a cardboard placard affixed to the tire and was promoting an app called ParkMe.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-14-12    
Topic: Guerilla, Industry Events

Conference Candy Heats Up Streets at SXSW


You may have seen our blatantly salacious bit about conference hotties inhabiting the exhibit hall during SXSW. Did you like it? Good, keep reading. No? OK, no worries. Just leave. But for those of you who truly appreciate good conference candy, here's a bevy of beauties doing their thing outside the exhibit hall. Enjoy.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-14-12    
Topic: Industry Events, Racy

Pepsi NEXT Distracts Parents From Acrobatic Baby


Real quick. Love this new Pepsi NEXT ad from TBWA\Chiat\Day. Although they use the tried and true dancing baby approach, the spot works. It captures the classic moment of...well...missed moments when parants turn their heads just when their baby decides to do something amazing.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-14-12    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

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