Affiliate Marketing Awards Held During ad:tech in San Francisco


Will you be in San Francisco for ad:tech? If so, check out the Affiliate Marketing Awards April 3 at 111 Minna. The ceremony begins at 6:30.

The 2012 Awards are judged by Curtis Fullmer, Vice-President of Affiliate Marketing at Adknowledge, Steve Hall (yea, me), Founder of Adrants, Firuze Gokce, Co-Founder & CEO of Affmeter, LLC, Peter Bordes, Founder & CEO of MediaTrust, and Tanya Alvarez, Founder & CEO of BlinkAds.

Awards will cover most aspects of affiliate marketing, such as Best Agency, Best Affiliate Marketing Blog, and Best Lead Generation Campaign. In total, there are more than twenty awards, including Hottest Affiliate and Hottest Affiliate Manager (just for fun).

Tickets are $15 however for a limited time use the code Backagain and book for free. Register here.

by Steve Hall    Mar-20-12    
Topic: Industry Events

If You Can't Get Siri, There's Always Vlingo


OK so if you have the new iPhone, you have Siri. But what if you don't have the new iPhone? Or no iPhone at all? Well that's where Vlingo comes in. Vlingo is a virtual assistent for those who aren't cool ebnough to have the new iPhone.

VML has produced a series of videos to promote the product. Check out a compilation of them all right here. It's about the furthest thing from an Apple ad which, of course, is a very good thing since this is the furthest thing from an Apple product.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-20-12    
Topic: Campaigns

Hipsters Get Their Own YouTube Channel


Really? Really? A YouTube channel called America Hipster? The channel will undoubtedly become a characature of itself by episode three. Seriously. Does anyone knowingly want to be labeled a hipster?

Hey, we could be wrong. The channel debuts with three shows, American Hipster presents - video portraits of American trendsetters, Max Movie Reviews - movie reviews by digitally manipulated babies and Hipster Grandmas - pop culture commentary by America's first hipsters, old people. Shit, that covers just about everything from hipster cradle to hipster grave.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-20-12    
Topic: Video

Not All Boobs Are As Nice As Kate Upton's


You know how dreams twist reality? Now imagine having a dream about Carl's Jr. One might assume it'd be a pretty hot dream complete with images of you motorboating Kate Upton's huge boobs or having sex with Paris Hilton sex tape-style. Got those images in your head now? OK, now stop reading unless you want to ruin everything.

Still here? OK. You asked for it. AdamRayTV decided to create a Carl's Jr. spoof...and put it inside a Nyquil ad. Twisted? Definitely. Funny? Pretty much. A little gross? Most certainly.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-20-12    
Topic: Spoofs

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