Kayak Demonstrates How to Book A Flight Using Only Your Mind


Kayak is getting kooky again. This time with a Barton F. Graf 9000-created video that demonstrates how you can plan a trip using only the power of your mind. And, inadvertently, illustrating just how easily the capital of California is forgotten.

Monitoring for online mentions of "mind control", "using only my mind", "thought control", "hypnosis", "telekinesis", etc., the team at Kayak will be delivering this YouTube video link directly to consumers on Twitter, blogs, forums, Yahoo! Answers and other online destinations. An interesting approach. Perfectly personalized in that appropriately kooky Kayak way.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-21-12    
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Discover Why Your Brand Should Focus on Earned Media


The over-saturation of advertising, and an ever-increasing distrust of ads has led to a decline in the effectiveness of paid media. Conversely, earned media is gaining ground.

Check out this whitepaper from Zuberance, previously offered last month, to see why earned media is so powerful and to learn how you can put it to use for your brand. In this report, you will learn:

1. Earned media is the most trusted and credible form on content for a brand
2. Social media has amplified the sheer quantity and reach of earned media
3. Conversion rates are higher and ROI is larger
4. Earned media lasts
5. Earned media is measurable

Download the whitepaper now and walk away with five reasons to shift your marketing focus towards earned media.

by Steve Hall    Mar-21-12    
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Pinterest Is All The Rage But It's Not the Only Game in Town


In this Future of Publishing episode, Viglink's Oliver Oliver Roup and Host Murray Newlands interview Stipple's Rey Flemings and Luminate's Chas Edwards. Both companies are involved in the monetization of images. Although companies like Pinterest have been using social media to monetize images, there are many more options than just attaching Amazon or other affiliate links to them. If you're wondering how (or why you should even bother) to make money from your brand imagery, check out part one of this three part series on image monetization.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-21-12    
Topic: Social, Video

Axe Sympathizes With Men's Efforts to Get the Girl


So a couple of days a ago, we featured one of the new BBH-created ads for Axe. It was called Brainy Girl and it was all about a guy doing what a guy needs to do to get the girl. Today, we have four more ads in the campaign to share with you.

Each ad follows a similar theme. And an interesting one from a brand that has always been about women fawning over a man who's only girl-getting effort centered on wearing an Axe product. These new ads focus on the need for guys to actually expend some considerable effort before they are allowed...ahem...inside. Hmm. Much like it is in real life. Who knew a brand like this would ever come close to mirroring the actual trials and tribulations guys must go through to land the girl?

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by Steve Hall    Mar-21-12    
Topic: Campaigns

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Skittles Makes It OK to Touch A Zombie, A Werewolf and A Boob


Skittles is out with another collection of Touch the Rainbow oddities which, again, ask you to place your finger on the screen so that you can touch things you normally wouldn't touch. Previous iterations of the campaign, created by BBDO Toronto, won a Cannes Gold Lion in Film and Cyber last year.

This round gives you the chance to tickle a werewolf baby, poke a Sasquatch, go finger to finger with a zombie, take out the eye of a cyclops doctor and fondle a princess's boob until she decides to kiss you.

Not that anyone is actually going to touch the screen but we like the pseudo interactivity of the campaign. The brand has carved out a nice niche for itself. A very weird one but a nice one none the less.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-21-12    
Topic: Strange

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