Enormously Endowed Model Helps Sell Men's Shirts


Boy this job is hard work sometimes. FocusClick, a site with the tagline "we do women," grabbed model Christina I. and dressed her in Second Button shirts. Well, more accurately, they tried to dress her in Second Button Shirts and failed miserably. Why? Because Christina's breasts are so jaw-droppingly huge, no shirt could ever completely cover them.

We're not sure who's getting more publicity out of this; FocusClick or Second Button. Frankly, we really don't care. Do you?

And yea, there's much more Christina to see here.

by Steve Hall    Mar-22-12    
Topic: Racy

Cake Improves Mood of Brits


Hoping to bring happiness to Brits who, like those of us in the U.S., are a bit down due to the depressed economy, bad mortgages, high gas prices and general economic nastiness, cake maker Mr. Kipling created 19 Cake-To-Go dispensers at bus stops that offered free cake to anyone who wanted a piece. How nice.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-22-12    
Topic: Guerilla, Outdoor

Agency Creates World's First (?) Pinterest Campaign


Israeli agency Smoyz claims to have created the world's first Pinterest-based campaign. For its client Kotex, the agency identified 50 women who they felt were "inspiring," studied their pins and identified what inspired the 50 women. The agency then physically created personalized items based on the women's pinned items. To receive the item, the women repinned the agency's creation and the agency sent the item, along with some Kotex product naturally, to the women.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-22-12    
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Social

Three Reasons Why Sexual Fantasies Never Happen in Real Life


Now here's an interesting one. Canadian telecom brand Manitoba Telecom Services just launched a Dare Vancouver-created campaign to promote its Amour pay per view porn service. With three spots that appear at first to be your typical porny encounter, the campaign reminds viewers that "Fantasies happen but only on Amour Adult TV." It's quite ingenious actually. To see just how easily a fantasy can be shot down. Much like it always happens in real life. Which, of course, is why we have porn so we don't have to be shot down when we're really in the mood to be...ahem...up..

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by Steve Hall    Mar-22-12    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Racy

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