Axe Sympathizes With Men's Efforts to Get the Girl


So a couple of days a ago, we featured one of the new BBH-created ads for Axe. It was called Brainy Girl and it was all about a guy doing what a guy needs to do to get the girl. Today, we have four more ads in the campaign to share with you.

Each ad follows a similar theme. And an interesting one from a brand that has always been about women fawning over a man who's only girl-getting effort centered on wearing an Axe product. These new ads focus on the need for guys to actually expend some considerable effort before they are allowed...ahem...inside. Hmm. Much like it is in real life. Who knew a brand like this would ever come close to mirroring the actual trials and tribulations guys must go through to land the girl?

With Sporty Girl, it's all about pummeling the competition to impress the girl. With Flirty Girl, it's all about confidently allowing your flirty girlfriend work her magic until it ultimately benefits you. With High Maintenance Girl, it's all about servicing your girl's every shopping need which, for her, is a form of foreplay. And with Party Girl, it's all about summoning the stamina to last until the after, after, after party.

We applaud BBH and Axe for finally telling it like it is. However, over at AdWeek, Gabriel Beltrone thinks the campaign is "still pretty insulting to women." How about to guys who have to endure these not-so-far-from-reality games many women still feel the need to play?

by Steve Hall    Mar-21-12   Click to Comment   
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