Prostitute Flash Mob Calls Attention to Human Trafficking


Stop the Traffic, an international organization that fights human trafficking is out with a flash mob-style guerrilla effort created by Duval Guillaume and produced by monodot. In Amsterdam's red light district "prostitutes" can be seen breaking into dance. When the dance ends, a projected message reads, "Every year thousands of women are promised a dance career in Western Europe. Sadly, they und up here." Not exactly what the crowd was expecting but a powerful message none the less.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-25-12    
Topic: Cause, Racy, Video

Roller Skating Will Keep Your Kids Off Drugs


Did roller skating go out of style? Is it back in style? Was it ever in style? Who knows. All we know is that for about a year or two during highschool it was a fad and it was fun. Apparently it's back. Well, maybe it never went away. Anyway, check out this twisted "commercial" for Roller Kingdom in Reno Nevada. Not many familay friendly places would associate themselves with drugs as a selling point. But this guy does.

by Steve Hall    Apr-25-12    
Topic: Commercials

Chevy Sonic Robot Helps Make Street Art


So far the Chevy Sonic has been promoted by being tossed out of a plane, creating a music video, performing a kick flip and doing a bungee jump. Now it's being promoted witha a bit more mundane but equally interesting tactic; street art. More exactly, Chevy teamed with street artist Jeff Soto to outfit a Sonic with a robot that would help Soto create a mural. The end result is pretty inspiring.

by Steve Hall    Apr-25-12    
Topic: Guerilla

Mullen Helps You Kill For A One Show Pencil


It's almost Creative Week. And that means it's almost time for the annual One Show. Are you biding your time before the festivities kick off? Are you anxious? WIll you win a Pencil? Well if you simply can;'t wait, here's something to help you pass the time. Mullen created Kill for a Pencil, a marriage of HTML5 and 8 bit gaming.

In Kill for a Pencil, players help ad man "Jon Scraper" navigate the streets of "Madville," challenging famous advertising icons for the right to a coveted One Show Pencil. Players will recognize some familiar characters, from a lizard hawking car insurance to a well-constructed deodorant spokesman best known for his small white towel and massive pecs.

"We're hoping this crazy ad game becomes sticky," said Mark Wenneker, Chief Creative Officer at Mullen. "The One Show is a perfect place to see how people like it."

Have fun.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-25-12    
Topic: Games, Industry Events

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