ARIA Resort A Giant Phallus in the Sky


ARIA Resort & Casino has launched a new SK+G-created brand campaign, "Modern Seduction."

The campaign, which will be unveiled in stages, consists of a series of print ads short web films. The first, The Reveal is online now. Four additional ads with companion webisodes will follow in the coming months: The Motive (May), Entrapment (June), The Raise (July) and The Trap (August).

Of the campaign, CityCenter VP of Marketing Carl Cohen said, "The new campaign captures the 'awe of ARIA' - those extraordinary experiences found throughout the resort's many beautiful settings. SK+G created a solid concept and brought it to life with striking visuals and emotionally linked stories that translate across both traditional and new media platforms. It is our intent to utilize this campaign across all of our consumer communication channels."

Of the campaign, Adrants CEO and Worldwide Director of Advertising Deconstruction said, "If I can get my girlfriend to be this excited about a big shiny building, then I'm going to play this ad for her 24/7 in our bedroom. This shit is cray."

by Steve Hall    Apr- 5-12   Click to Comment   
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