Meet Up Site Badoo Highlights New Yorkers in First Ad Campaign


Social discovery site and fourth largest social network, Badoo, is launching its first U.S. advertising campaign on April 26 as part of its official American launch. Entitled "I Want", the campaign kicks off with both offline and online elements.

Starting on April 26, Badoo will launch an outdoor advertising campaign in the New York area which will run until the end of May as well as a digital program that starts April 30. The campaign follows The Badoo Project which saw more than 1,000 New Yorkers receive a professional online profile picture.

The campaign stars 26 finalists from The Badoo Project, who will have their profile picture transformed into various outdoor treatments, along with a personalized "I Want" tagline. The "I want" taglines used in the new ads - ranging from "I want to wake up in a strange city" to "I want a reason to hit snooze" - were chosen by the finalists themselves.

The 26 finalists, who come from all corners of New York, will appear on a mix of taxi-tops, subway cars, bus-shelters, painted wallscapes and phone kiosks around the city, as they star in the ultimate profile picture.

The digital campaign complements Badoo's outdoor launch. Three digital shorts have been created which explore the diversity of people and personalities on Badoo. They will appear on Zoom, panel and taxi TV, as well as YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo and other assorted consumer digital media, from April 30 through June 10.

by Steve Hall    Apr-26-12   Click to Comment   
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