Oreo Says Cookies Dunked in Breast Milk Are Good For Babies


OK what is it with these foreign ads that all look the same? The ads consist of a giant, provocative, beautifully photographed image with minimal copy and a logo in the lower right or left corner. Did they all go to the same ad school? Do they think their ads are so great they don't need to say much about the product?

This South Korean Cheil Worldwide-created ad for Oreos take the cake...uh...cookie when it comes to this style of ad. Of course, the ad is totally illogical. Who would feed a baby that small any kind of solid food? And just how is the baby going to dip that cookie into mommy's milk? Is she going to spray it on the cookie? Now we're getting into some kind of twisted porn scenario.

Yea, yea, yea. Advertising is all about allegory and analogy. But, really. Really?

UPDATE: As suspected, Kraft has confirmed the ad never ran. They did, however, say it was created for use in an advertising forum. Would that be Ads of the World? Where so many of these fake ads end up?

by Steve Hall    Apr-18-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Strange   

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