Pinterest Tracking Tool Aims to Improve Retail Marketing


Pinterest! Pinterest! Pinterest! It's almost like we've forgotten Instagram exists. Or Quora. Oh wait...does Quora still exist? Today, it's all about Pinterest. Who's using it. What brands are doing with it. Whether or not affiliates can make money using it. Etcetera.

It was just a matter of time but here come the Pinterest Tool Providers. Oh yes. Those companies that will make promise after promise regarding how they can improve how brands use Pinterest to better serve their audiences.

iGoDigital, a company that specializes in retail personalization, is out with the iGoDigital Pinterest Tracking Tool. The tool, according the the press release, will "enable retailers to gather Pinterest data and use it to influence marketing and merchandising decisions."

The tool, which also helps companies "numerate spheres of influence" WTF?, is said to help retailers better target their marketing based on target audience pinning, incent pinners to pin more items from a retailer that uses the service and to leverage product recommendations for improved customer acquisition.

Of the offering, iGoDigital President Eric Tobias said, "With more than 10 million registered users, retailers are seeing Pinterest as a way to inspire shoppers and drive traffic, but many brands have been unable to track, monitor or understand how Pinterest activity affects their bottom lines. The Pinterest Tracking tool will begin to give them this insight."

by Steve Hall    Apr-23-12   Click to Comment   

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