Corona Makes Guys Feel Like Losers


Really? Really? Hey, we're all for advertising casting a warm and fuzzy glow on life but how many commercials featuring the chance hookup can you watch before you start feeling like a loser? Hey, if we could meet hot women like the guy in this Corona commercial does in the grocery store we wouldn't be so bitter.

Trouble is, the only women we tend to see in the grocery are fat, ugly and in no way, shape or form hot. OK, a bit of an over generalization but even if the store was teaming with hot women, they'd probably slap us in the face if we approached and tried to make some witty comment about the melons she was picking out.

Fuck, maybe we are just a loser. Thanks Cramer-Krasselt!

by Steve Hall    May-30-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials   

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