Philips Gets Taiwanese Men to Grow Facial Hair


What's a facial grooming brand to do when there's no facial hair to groom? The obvious choice might be to simply skip that market and move on to one in which facial hair is more prevalent. In order to create the need for its facial grooming products, Philips, with help from OgivlyAction in Taiwan, launched a very low tech but very effective campaign which got men thinking about growing facial hair.

Without any apps or downloads or the need for an internet connection, OgilvyAction convinced 95% of targeted men to change their mind about facial hair, achieved a 25 percent redemption rate and brought the cost per contact down from $64 to $2. Impressive. Kinda makes you wonder what the big deal is about this whole internet thing.

by Steve Hall    May-29-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Promotions   

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