Turn Brings Booze, Cigarettes, Violence to Mad Men Finale


On Sunday night during Mad Men you will see a very interested commercial from audience insight and ad network Turn. Created by gyro, the ad matches the style of Mad Men and has a potentially deadly ending. We've seen the ad and it's interesting enough. Sadly, we're bound by the laws of embargo-based secrecy and can't show you the ad. But, we think you'll like it. And if not, you can aways "shoot" Turn some hate mail.

UPDATE: The ad is up on the Turn site now so we've shared it below as well. Enjoy.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 8-12    
Topic: Commercials

Pinterest-Based Pinsulin Calls Attention to Juvenile Dibetes


Mizbala, Publicis Israel is jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon with Punsulin, a campaign for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation which calls attention to the plight of children with diabetes and hopes to raise money for the cause. Pinsulin aims to collect one million pins by the time International Awareness Day for Juvenile Diabetes rolls around on November 14.

There aren't too many pins yet but hopefully it will gain steam.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 8-12    
Topic: Social

Lurzer's to Have Fun With Workshop During Cannes


Here's some interesting work from Lurzer's Archive. Great ads always seem to end up in Lurzer's Archive but we never really know how they get there. This campaign is a humorous attempt at understanding just how a great advertising idea is born and how a campaign evolves. Through an insert that will be appearing in issue 3/12 of Lurzer's, readers can download "the great ads tool" app, to enter a contest which will give readers a chance to be a co-creator of the Archive's campaign.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 8-12    
Topic: Industry Events

'Daddy, What Are They Sevens'?


Toronto-based agency Secret Location has created an interactive online film and game called The Sevens. Launched today, The Sevens is a creation that can be enjoyed on a number of levels: as a short film, an interactive game or an immersive mystery in which users can participate.

The Sevens begins with a phone call and contains three puzzles for viewers to solve. In a suburban home, a young girl named Julie is confronted with a series of mysterious symbols that, once arranged in a particular order, unlock a phone number and passcode. If users solve the puzzles and dial the number, they are taken deeper into the story's narrative by being given a chance to solve one final puzzle in order to reveal an alternative ending.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 8-12    

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Ogilvy Brazil Says Money Makes You Look Younger


Making note of the apparent "youthification" of those gracing American money, Ogilvy Brazil created an interesting campaign for Forbes. Carrying the tagline, "Money make you look younger," the campaign shows how the representation of Jackson, Lincoln and Franklin has changed over the years. Who knew our obsession with youth was spilling over to monetary art? I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. After all, money can make you look younger.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 8-12    
Topic: Campaigns

'Death Nuns' Urge Romanians Not to Drive Drunk


This goes to prove there's no end to the potential methods a don't drink and drive organization can convince people to, well, don't drink and drive. This one, from the Romanian Police, convinces late night revelers to use caution by freaking them out with a visit from death.

Well, not actual death but a representation of death in the form of Bocitoare, professional funeral criers who morn the dead. These Bocitoare were sent into the night to approach patrons leaving bars and chant a song about death.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 8-12    
Topic: Cause

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