Brayola Boosts Boobs, An Ad Pro's Wedding Invite


- Ladies, need a better bra? Check out Brayola. Your boobs will thank you.

- This is how advertising people make a wedding announcement.

- Need inspiration> Graphic resources? Check out Online Graphic Design Degree.

- ThinkLA and the 4As have teamed up with Hyper Island to create and publish the fastest book ever written on the subject of... well, speed. Rabbit or Roadkill: Ad Agency Leaders Write The Book On Speed is the first of a new Hyper Island series called, Write the Book On It, in which executives participate in a group exploration of a current business challenge and address it in a book written in a matter of hours. Order it here.

by Steve Hall    Jun-12-12    
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MINI's 'Britalian Job' Touts British Paralympics


Today MINI released a London 2012-themed film which gives a nod to the 1969 classic, the Italian Job. The film, created to tout MINI's partnership with Team GB and ParalympicsGB, features British sporting legends as they attempt to track down the perpetrator of a night-time heist.

Directed by Phil Churchward, the lead director on BBC's Top Gear, the film includes stunts performed in red, white and blue London 2012 special edition MINIs alongside some of the country's most iconic landmarks including the Houses of Parliament and Knightsbridge.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-12-12    
Topic: Video

TiVo, PayPal Team For Click-to-Buy Ads


Television-based interactive advertising has been a dream for so long it's almost humorous to recall the first chest beating heard from nacent cable operators about how it would revolutionize television. Of course, that revolution never took place and we're all still dreaming of the day with TV advertising truly becomes interactive.

An agreement between TiVo and PayPal may take us one step closer to realizing at least a portion of the interactive television dream. The two companies, along with advertisers and agencies, are working towards developing PayPal-enabled ads that could hit screens as soon as this fall.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-12-12    
Topic: Television

PR Newswire Unveils Marketing, Social Media Workflow Product


PR Newswire has unveiled Agility, an integrated communications and workflow platform that combines media monitoring, media targeting and real-time engagement tools with content distribution capabilities, all of which reside in a single dashboard.

Agility, which currently has about 300 active early adopters, allows marketing and communication professionals to target, engage with and monitor traditional media and social influencers through one integrated dashboard with a single login. Agility helps these professionals glean insights into who is saying what about their brand, how influential these people are, where these conversations are happening and to engage these influencers in real-time.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-12-12    
Topic: Tools

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Son Defends Love For 'Snickers Sample Lady' to Parents


BBDO New York just launched a new ad for Snickers Peanut Butter Squared. Called "Sample Lady", the commercial continues the theme "if you like peanut butter and chocolate, you'll love peanut butter and snickers," which helped launch the brand last year.

In the spot, we see the oft-used scenario in which a son attempts to convince his parents why he has fallen in love with a certain someone; in this case, the Snickers Sample Lady.

The funniest thing about the ad? The innocent idiocy of the son who thinks a relationship is as simple as a girlfriend providing candy. Oh wait...

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by Steve Hall    Jun-12-12    
Topic: Commercials

Dial For Men Celebrates Filth With 40 Days of Prizes


Red Tettemer +Partners has teamed with Dial For Men again for a second "get men clean" event. Last August, the agency put together an event in Granby Colorado and over the course of the two days did everything they could do to get men they could then use Dial to clean up.

This year, the agency is doing it all over again with "40 Days of Filth," a more social media-focused approach that includes challenges and prizes over the course of the 40 days. Well, actually, the challenges consist of sitting on your ass and clicking around to enter a drawing but, hey, that's actually challenging for some.

Check it all out on the brand's Facebook page.

by Steve Hall    Jun-12-12    
Topic: Social

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