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Each week we highlight some of the jobs listed on the Adrants Job Board. You can always find the listings in the right hand column of the site or here but each week we'll call out a few jobs we think might be especially interesting.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-19-12    
Topic: Announcements

Cannes Lions Monday Captured Infographic Style


SapientNitro has taken it upon itself to create an infographic to represent each of five days, Monday through Friday, in Cannes capturing all the goings on at Cannes Lions. Below is Monday's infographic which takes a lok at the history of Cannes Lions, seminar keywords that popped, a summary of the number of entrants and panels, the weather and other local demographics, influencial Cannes Twitter account (ahem, @adrants is on the list), top Foursquare check ins (Gutter Bar and Carlton Bar, of course), popular Instagram pictures, social buzz topics, popular Pinterest pins and, of course, the awards. Check it out.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-19-12    
Topic: Industry Events

Cannes Lions Tuesday: Mad Man Don Draper in Town!


Yes, it's true. It's totally true. In what has to be one of the most surreal sightings of the week, Don Draper (OK, Jon Hamm) is in Cannes today soaking up the sun and mingling with current day ad types. He posed for pictures with several lucky delegates and he attended the Mcgarry Bowen agency party. OK, in other Cannes Lions news today:

- The Gutter Bar is now on Twitter. Yes, really. @thegutterbar.

- Making its first splash in Cannes, agency Leo Cornett arrives in an ice cream truck which has been making its way up and down La Croisette serving goodies to delegates...and trying to avoid the authorities who, apparently, don't approve of such antics.

- The beach volleyball tournament was in full swing today.

- In a bit of a face slap, James Warren noted, Clients don't buy ideas, they are sold them. PR not natural salespeople. Hence, no awards."

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by Steve Hall    Jun-19-12    
Topic: Industry Events

Global Ad Spend Forecast to Hit $502 Billion in 2012


ZenithOptimedia's latest forecast expects adspend to grow to 4.3 percent to $502 billion by the end of 2012, a slight downgrade of the 4.8 percent growth forecasted in March. Quadrennial events such as the Olympics and the presidential election are expected to add $6.3 billion to global growth.

Highlights include:

- Global ad expenditure forecast to grow 4.3% in 2012, slightly down from the 4.8% forecast we made in March

- Growth slowed in April and May as advertisers became more cautious about the world economy

- Growth to pick up during the major sport events from June to August, and in the run up to November elections in the US

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by Steve Hall    Jun-19-12    
Topic: Research

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SapientNitro in Cannes: We're Different. No, Really, We Are.


Adforum's Angela Natividad sat down with SapientNitro's Freddie Laker and Darren McColl along with Omar Epps, all of whom were on a panel Monday at Cannes Lions and spoke to the topic of who's a better marketer, brands or celebrities. At least in the seminar, it appeared celebrities won out.

The interview on the whole is an insightful look at how the definition of an agency has changed over time and how the different toolsets and partnerships define just how an agency approaches a marketing challenge.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-19-12    
Topic: Agencies, Celebrity, Industry Events

Cannes: Digital Gets Physical With Creative Realities Retail Experiences


Over at adforum, Angela Natividad is conducting interviews in Cannes. Her first interview is with Paul Price, CEO of Creative Realities, a firm that focuses on "designing digital experiences that bridge the physical and virtual worlds." He is most proud of his recent work with the Macy's in Herald Square which consists of 20 different digital experiences. When Natividad asked Price which movies appropriately represent the near future of digital marketing, he was quick to point of it won't (and shouldn't) be Miniroty Report, the movie in which Tome Cruise - and everyone else - is razor targeted which a bombardment of location-based advertising. Over the next five years, Price says there will be an increase in digitally augmented retail fittings and fixtures that improve the store experience for shoppers.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-12    
Topic: Industry Events, Point of Purchase

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