Cannes Lions Friday: Levy Probes Levinsohn


As Cannes Lions week winds down (there are no seminars tomorrow but the final Lions will be awarded Saturday night), we take a look at what happened today. A seminar with Yahoo CEO Ross Levinsohn had Maurice Levy humorous prodding Levinsohn on just what it's going to take to right Yahoo! Levinsohn, while comparing business to boxing said it's the right people and the right partners who will help the company succeed.

See below for more snippets from Friday at Cannes Lions.

Cannes Lions Friday: Levy Probes Levinsohn

Yup. It's another fun-filled round up of Cannes Lions shenanigans.

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#canneslions hangover. :) Garthwaite
Lots of good jokes and questions coming from Maurice Levy as he probes Yahoo CEO on his CV, boxing career and staff morale #CannesLionsOlivia Yabsley
Some young delegates taking a keen interest in our photobooth. #GettyImagesCannes #CannesLions Images
NY ad folks at #canneslions ... you have no excuse! 8-hour flights make NOW the time to hear your 1st BeanCast: Knorpp
That's it from us at #CannesLions 2012. Here are the #MSACannes highlights: Enjoy & see you next year!MicrosoftAdvertising
Ross Levisohn (CEO @Yahoo ) "Business is like boxing. After 17 years we continue to grow. To last, you have to have substance" #CannesLionsThomas Jamet
For @Yahoo! to continue to be relevant, you have to have substance - & Yahoo! has continued to grow, says Levinsohn #CannesLionsmaryleesachs
Yahoo continues to be relevant this long after it started and it is because of its content. @publicis #NewhouseIDSM #CannesLionsIzzy De Leon
Marc Pritchard (GMO P&G) : "A strong @yahoo is good for P&G and good for the industry" #CannesLions @PublicisGroupe conferenceThomas Jamet
#canneslions Ross Levinsohn says "Yahoos" bleed purple. They've been bleeding all over Cannes this week. Purple everywhere.Lindsey Clay
#CannesLions Yahoo! CEO talking about company challenges and need for clear focus: on only the things they can/will do well across the globeVenables Bell
Sorrell calls WPP leaders 'underpaid'. In ad industry run by men money is how you keep score. @Campaignmag #canneslionsCindy Gallop
Levinson - it's people and partners who will help set future direction of @Yahoo and help it succeed #canneslionsAndrea Schoff
Yahoo employees will forever feel purple. They are passionate about what they do. @publicis #NewhouseIDSM #CannesLionsIzzy De Leon
Watching Maurice Levy interview Yahoo's Ross Levinsohn instead of meeting Debbie Harry. Sigh. #thishadbetterbegood #CannesLionsAmy Thomson
#CannesLions and Ronaldo Hamidi
"Does anyone ever start at their best? That would be so depressing, to start at the top and work your way down." - Debbie Harry #canneslionsCaren Kelleher
Listening to Debbie Harry sing A Capella. Amazing. #canneslionsPia Leichter
Debbie Harry gets standing ovation #canneslions for just being awesome.conn bertish
@FinchFactor Why don't you join me for some hungover yoga @google 's beach. #arnoldbike #CannesLions #arnamsArnold Bike
Tim and Debbie #canneslions maldari
McDonald's and free magnum ice cream bars. R.I.P. hot bod. #CannesLionsHarlie
CEO Sandra Lehnst and photographer, @Fern_Berresford with a copy of "Cockhandler" - or is it? #canneslionsürzer's Archive
I wish Mr Mellors of Grey would realize that we're here to hear Debbie Harry talk, not him #canneslionsrahul roy
Dan Wieden and Sir John Hegarty screen some of their classic ads, and explain why they worked. #CannesLionsAdweek
Blondie is in the building courtesy of @greygroupapac! #CannesLions Wright
#canneslions I've heard the interviewer say 'I think' many more times than 'Blondie'. PityAdam Ferrier
The fabulous Debbie Harry on stage at #canneslions #blondie
i've noticed several people w limps around cannes. one person in a walking boot. guess it gets rough at the gutter bar.Brian Morrissey
141 photos of #CannesLions for you to peruse! Have you enjoyed the coverage from #MSACannesMicrosoftAdvertising
"Human truths are what we should be looking for, the work then becomes so much more powerful" - Hegarty BBH #canneslionsWGSN
"If we do something that changes the world the profit is for us" @JMSokoloff on the diff between adv pro bono vs adv for brands #CannesLionsHeather Renae Cosson
Best socks of #CannesLions John Hegarty. #bbh wiederkehr
John Hegarty's profane initial reaction to @WiedenKennedy 's Old Spice work is priceless.Andrew McMains
Before you can ignite consumers' imaginations, first you must find them. @eYeka #CannesLions #NewhouseIDSMHeather Renae Cosson
The shortlists are out for Film, Titanium and the rest of the remaining #CannesLions contests.
By 2020, 1/2 of the world's middle class will live in Asia and account for 42% of consumer spending - Unilever #CannesLionsWGSN
Winners of "2012 BEACH SOCCER TOURNAMENT" #canneslions #canneslionsdk #DENMARK Nedza
RT @ChristalOnTheGo: "Remember we are people crafting brands for people, not marketers managing brands for consumers." Marc Mathieu SVP Mkg Unilever #CannesLionsFatima Lwany
Future Lions awards best student creativity from 1100 entries. "The future inspires us." #canneslions Bigham
AKQA Honors Five Student Teams With Future Lions
Old model: Art and Copy. New model: Art and Code. Says @AKQA CEO @reianamoto #canneslionsKate Eltringham
Akqa future Lions. #canneslionsalexmentex
Some are leaving quite happy...
Bonjour Cannes.Kris Hoet
Some are leaving quite tired...
#CannesLions has weakened me. Emotional ads, worldly wise speakers & lack of sleep = blubbering wreck. Time to go home to stiff upper lip GBangelarumsey
@tomux tells funniest 'worst day in advertising' story on Google Beach #canneslions We cringe with you! the Pond
AKQA Honors Five Student Teams With Future Lions
Dan Wieden and Sir John Hegarty screen some of their classic ads, and explain why they worked. #CannesLionsAdweek
The shortlists are out for Film, Titanium and the rest of the remaining #CannesLions contests.
Friday is such a funny day @ Cannes adfest, relief but big expectations still. Almost more excitement built on pure exhaustion. #canneslionsJulie Thompson
It's ironic this year's #CannesLions is dominated by social media - yet there's a wave of discussion about "disconnecting" @jbell99Angela Velarde
Do we need a metric to measure creativity #canneslionsAbhishek
"Beer is the oldest social network in the world, bringing enemy and friends together for the past 9,000 years"-Chris Burggraeve #CannesLionsSteko
The view from Cannes for lunch...Katie, Munzie & @Mileskempton #CanneslionsGCRS
Phrase of the week: it's been done before. #landorcannes #CannesLionsnine43
Cannes Lions 2012 Highlights "Beautiful, Useful and Relevant" from Microsoft Advertisingmicrosoftadvertising
#CannesLions2011 Cannes Lions TV caught up with Glee star Matthew Morrison to talk about creativi... #CannesLionsCannes Lions 2011
Slideshow: Ad Age's Cannes Cocktail Party Age
Shortlisted Branded-Entertainment Campaigns Stretch Definition of Content Age
A Banda #faapcannes2012 #cannes #canneslions #creativesandbox #google #google+ @ Creative Sandbox Lamêgo

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