Cannes Lions Thursday Night: The Parties


There wasn't an awards ceremony Thursday night in Cannes so all the delagates had to do was party. Which, of course, for advertising people, isn't difficult and comes quite naturally. With big expense budgets and planty of hosted parties there's always something for everyone to do on Le Croisette.

An addition to the too-numerous-to-mention pool parties, rooftop parties, yacht parties and countless other smaller, more private soirées which took place, there were several large parties last night. Ogilvy took over Martinez Beach and gave attendees Zulu WInter to listen to. Google hosted a party at which Groove Armada played. Mindshare and Havas had parties too. And, of course, there was the infamous Shots party at which one delegate tweeted, "Girl at Shots party wearing sunglasses. It's 2AM. Twat." Gotta love late night tweets.

Cannes Lions Thursday Night: Parties

Just a rundown on what went on Thursday night at Cannes Lions

Storified by Steve Hall · Fri, Jun 22 2012 10:05:33

Incroyable! @4As' Nancy Hill & @Facebook's Carolyn Everson at the USA Today party. #canneslions Rothenberg
Serious pool party #canneslions @ P.I.G. Villa / Villa St Antoine Lee
@ the Unilever Party with the #CCAYM Unilever team enjoying the sunset #canneslions Altun
Drinks by the pool. Now off to the Ogilvy party, and Shots party. Rock on. #CannesLions #Ogilvycannes Murphy
Ogilvy Party #canneslions Holcombe
'Ogilvy is turning the sky red at its party tonight because the sun never sets on creativity' - Campaign Live #OgilvyCannes #canneslionsOgilvy & Mather
Zulu winter are the surprise act for the Ogilvy party, wazooo! #CannesLions Wetherell
Ogilvy Party #canneslions Holcombe
RT @Fokksie: Ogilvy Party - Martinez Beach Cannes #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes Bruce McConnel
View from the pier at the @ogilvy party at #canneslions Thanks for inviting us #msacannes
Weer een feestje #sizzerparty #canneslions ou et @feestdjruud op deze fete?KBIRI
This is where the party is tonight !@domdelport the crowd is waiting for you #CannesLions Oulala
ENORME ! #HavasCafe Party aux #CannesLions : the place to be. #KPCK #welcometothevillage Delport
Mindshare party #canneslions 2012
Stroboscopic icecubes are go at the Google party #canneslions vijn
Google party. Searching not required. #canneslionsDarren (Daz) McColl
At the google party, groove armada playing, drinks flowing. #Ifuckinglovemyjob #canneslionsJames Goodwin
Google party #canneslions Silveira
Groove Armada at the Google party at #CannesLions Wright
Google party. #canneslions bolivar
Now, let's party... See you on the beach! #shotspartyshots magazine
Girl at Shots party wearing sunglassess. It's 2am. Twat. #cannesHelen Brownlie
My liver and kidneys are clearly too weak for the Gutter bar.Julia Sosa
The infamous Cannes gutter bar. @Mara_McC #landorcannes Reynolds

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