Cannes Lions Thursday: President Clinton Speaks, Twitter Dies


The big news out of Cannes Lions today is that Twitter went down right before President Clinton delivered his speech. It returned and then went down again. As of this writing, it's still down. But that's not really news. Or it really should overshadow the other items of importance that occurred in Cannes today.

Eager to hear the former President speak, thousands lined up on the red carpet which stretches most the way down Le Croisette. Throughout the day, in advance of the speech, there were Clinton sightings in and around Cannes.

Once introduced by PJ Pereira, Clinton, who spoke on the topic of How Advertising Can Help Build a Better World, said, "we live in the most inter-dependent era in human history" and, focusing a bit on particle physics and string theory, he even went so far as to say that in our lifetimes, "you might live in a time that discovers there is another dimension beyond time, space and distance." Heady stuff.

Focusing on this dimension for a minute, Clinton noted there are more private citizens doing volunteer work for public good than ever before. That said, he noted "global inequality is our biggest barrier to progress." But he did add that advertising's existence is based on that inequality and that it fuels growth and desire.

Though he said "our common humanity matters more than our differences," Clinton noted "all of us are 95.5 percent the same yet everyone spends 99.5 percent of the time emphasizing the 0.5 percent difference." On an up note, he added, "immigration not only makes life more interesting, it is essential to prosperity." Differences fuel progress.

Clinton touched on a number of topics including global warming, gender equality and personal empowerment. Upliftingly, he did say the advertising industry is the world's most creative asset.

While Clinton's appearance in Cannes is certainly notable, it must be noted a few other things did actually occur.

- Twelve year old wunderkind developer (who was in a seminar earlier in the week) was interviewed by Adobe.

- There was a little scandal over "block voting" and the best work not getting its just rewards.

- Sexy legs were spotted on the beach.

- In a Viacom seminar with Selena Gomez, the Disney star and singer spoke to the Millennial generation saying, "My generation feels part of something when we are part of the digital world." It's a sense of feeling "connected to something bigger." She spoke to the joy of digital devices that allow her to share memories quickly and easily with loved ones.

- Apparently advertising has a nine year cycle. Bob Greenberg explained in a workshop.

- BBDO creatives discussed "breakthrough" creative sharing three different examples with delagates.

- Saatchi and Saatchi hosted its annual New Director's Showcase with 17 films, several of which were amazing and some, hard to take.

- Sir Martin Sorrell played with Lego Lions.

- The founders of MediaMponk, Victor Knapp and Wesley Ter Haar spoke to adforum's Angela Natividad about the genesis of the company.

- A super hot model was spotted posing with the omnipresent Arnold bike.

- Cute Young Lions drank smoothies.

- Along with Crispin Porter + Bogusky CEO Andrew Keller, Smokey Robinson shared with delegates their work on a social activation system.

- Don't click here unless you want to be distracted from the primary reason you attend Cannes Lions.

- There are no award ceremonies tonight. Only parties. Gee, that will be tough to take.

Cannes Lions Thursday: President Clinton Speaks

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How sad...
"Advertising is currently the underpaid prostitute of the business world" #canneslions :(Corina Bacanu
How rad...
President Clinton in da house! #CannesLionsCorina Băcanu
Check out this interview with 12 year old wunderkind Jordan Casey, a developer from Ireland...
Day 3 at Cannes Lionsadobesystems
There's a block voting scandal brewing in Cannes with Media Lions;-judges-prot #canneslionsAdrants
There's a beach in Cannes you know...
Officially off duty :- ) #CannesLions Wetherell
Millennials define themselves as creative, are self expressive and 85% think creativity will save us - Stephen Friedman #CannesLionsChristina Fieni
Overheard: 'My generation feels part of something bigger when they are part of the digital world,' says @selenagomez #CannesLionsCannes Lions
.@selenagomez - For millennials, social is about feeling "connected to something bigger" #CannesLionsViacom
I prefer Generation Social as opposed to Millenials. #CannesLions #NewhouseIDSMHeather Renae Cosson
.@jonmchu - Technology changes, but connecting with millennials comes down to "pure storytelling" and "tapping into honesty" #CannesLionsViacom
Selena Gomez says she feels like fans are friends, she doesn't feel pressured, just supported. #CannesLions
Overheard: Millennials aren't addicted to social media, they just use it to make their lives better - with @selenagomez #CannesLionsCannes Lions
RT @LoletaSatti: GoodGirl Selena Gomez is having all the attention at the session #CannesLions
"When the audience falls in love with something, they want that 365 connection," says Friedman #canneslions @ViacomH+K Strategies
If you keep engagement with the fans, they will be the advocates for your brand. #CannesLions @viacom #NewhouseIDSMHeather Renae Cosson
Selena Gomez says she feels like fans are friends, she doesn't feel pressured, just supported. #CannesLionsOgilvy Cape Town
So Selena Gomez didn't have a current number on her number of Twitter followers, how sweet and innocent #CannesLionsJack Neff
I uploaded a @YouTube video Viacom en CannesLionsMarketingActivo
Yes, she is very cute...
Selena this morning at #CannesLions film festival. ∞
Selena this morning at the #CannesLions film festival. ∞
Stephen Friedman: For millennials, "content has to everywhere" for this audience, but it has to be customized to platform #CannesLionsViacom
selena gomez likes the fact that she can create memories with her phone rather than having to go to the store. #canneslionsDan Verhaeghe
Why do panels about Millenials make me so cranky? Must be my GenX cynicism. Or the generalizations we stick on generations, #CannesLionssarahivey
оказывается, ее первую фанатку зовут Лоран #CannesLions какой странный факт Ogan
Millenials have a craving for creative connectivity, armed w/ support from parents & new tech. S. Friedman @mtv #OgilvyCannes #canneslionsSocial@Ogilvy
Learning all about the 9 year cycle in advertising from Bob Greenberg at the Young Lions Creative Academy. #CannesLions Maaldrink
Happy AKQA faces...
AKQA group huddle with our Lucy on day of WPP purchase #canneslions McCormick
And...there's Bill Clinton...
Bill clinton taking a stroll in cannes before lecture at #canneslions
BBDO present I M MUMBAI at #canneslionsKhaled Aouij
Stirring and emotional ads being showcased at bbdo session to illustrate importance of story telling #canneslionsMEC Ideas
"I am Mumbai" getting lots of talk time here @cannes. Justifiably so. #CannesLionsdonna wiederkehr
'It's not an ad, it's an act' / Josy Paul, Chairman, Creative Director BBDO India about Mumbai Mirror Campaign (I am Mumbai) #canneslionsDDB Paris
Let's not try to answer what the client wants but what the client needs. BBDO on "what makes great creative great" #bmfcannes #canneslionsCarlos
Not to be rude to @BBDO, but I wonder how many here in DeBussy are here to get seats for @pgsparks with @MarcPritchard up next #CannesLionsmaryleesachs
Sir Martin Sorrell picks up a Lego Lion made by Bright Bricks at #CannesAlso #CannesLions Lions
Great interview by Angela Natividad with the founders of MediaMonk...
Victor Knaap & Wesley Ter Haar - Live In Cannes 2012 - AdForum.comadforumvideos
Having a little bit of a celebration in the office today after yesterday's good #CannesLions news. Cheers! Connected Media
Deliver creative that you're willing to bet your career on -marc Pritchard #pgcannes #msacannes #Canneslionsanthony rallo
"You must do work that you'd be willing to bet your career on" - Marc Pritchard, P&GMarcelo Tripoli
Marc Pritchard: 3 Rules - Find the fruits in the roots. Fight for freedom. Have the courage to say yes. #pgspark #CannesLionsProcter & Gamble
Five Cool Films, and One Despicable One, From Saatchi's New Directors Showcase
Slideshow: Scenes from the Cannes Lions Ad Festival, Day 2 Age
Tired of world poverty and other minor problems? Here is finally lesson on important stuff: Hello Kitty#CannesLions ondřejíček
Really disapointed in the Hello Kitty brand and the thinking behind the company... #CannesLionsDarjan Panic
Bill Clinton in Cannes...
Bill#canneslions Herd
Security cranking up for Bill Clinton appearance at Cannes this pm. Must-see talk I reckon even though it interrupts cocktails.#CannesLionsJohn Dixon
The line up to see Bill Clinton...
People waiting in line to see Bill Clinton at #CannesLions are being humped by giant insects. Nudd
RT @DurraniMix: Queuing round block to get in to hear Bill Clintom already, still doesn't start for an hour & half #CannesLions Koval
BBDO Creatives Dissect Breakthrough Spots
Internet ad spend in Latin America grew by 70% last year #nielsen #canneslions #cannestagiouscontagiousmag
Arnold bike still making the rounds. This time with a distracting hot model...
#arnoldbike #canneslionsArnold Bike
And just some Young Lions hotties drinking smoothies...
A healthy pick-me-up from @EverydayHealth in the Young Lions Zone! Fresh Fruit Smoothies 9am - 3pm #CannesLions
Yessian Poolparty #canneslions #yessian #summer #pool g
Andrew Keller, CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, musical icon Smokey Robinson, David Clark on Social Media #CannesLions Le Blévennec
CP+B and Smokey Robinson are harnessing social media to launch a social activism alert system: 214
@cp+b social media can turn moments into movements #CannesLionsJason Xenopoulos
Smokey Robinson up on stage #canneslions
#caggiedunlop #tan #bikini #pretty #madeinchelsea #girl #swimwear #swimsuit #professorgreen #milliemackintosh #sunglasses #raybans #hugotaylor #canne #cannes #spencermatthewslaneyhype
Back to business...
Getting ready to interview President Clinton on the giant stage of #CannesLions - #honoredPJ Pereira
About 5000 people (not exaggerating) lining up for Bill Clinton's speech at #CannesLions, I better go have ice cream.Khawla
And then Twitter went down...
And now it's back

Not everyone is interested in hearing Bill Clinton talk...
Our crew are seriously enjoying the beach with @LBBOnline La Plage Courage #canneslions
But some do...
Listening to Bill Clinton at Cannes on: 'How Advertising Can Help Build a Better World' at #CannesLionsBrett Marchand
Now we wellcome Bill Clinton live on the biggest conference room of #CannesLions Some Glory
It's a rare privilege to be in the audience @canneslions listening to #President #BillClinton tonight! Smiedt
Bill Clinton looks out at Cannes audience & feels his years: "Nearly everybody is younger than me now" #CannesLions Durrani
"We live in the most inter-dependent era in human history". Bill Clinton. #canneslionsCharles Day
"You might live in a time that discovers there is another dimension beyond time, space and distance" Bill Clinton. #canneslionsCharles Day
Clinton. Inspiring and showing that our industry does a lot of good. #canneslions (Daz) McColl
Bill Clinton thinking big in speech, focusing on particle physics & string theory - possibility of time travel #CannesLionsArif Durrani
Clinton - there are more private citizens doing volunteer work for public good than ever before #canneslionsMatt Corey
From Bill Clinton, live at #CannesLions "global inequality is our biggest barrier to progress".Craig Le Grice
Clinton says there wouldn't be advertising if there was no instability in our society - instability provides growth and desire. #canneslionsJeff Lewonczyk
"Our common humanity matters more than our differences." Bill Clinton #canneslions @Cannes_LionsLea Stanković
"All of us are genetically 99.95% the same, yet everyone spends 99,95% of the time emphasizing the .05%". Bill Clinton #canneslionsCharles Day
Bill Clinton "the advertising industry is 'the worlds most creative asset' " #canneslions #ccaymirem alp
Bill Clinton speaking at #Canneslions on the concept of mutual empowerment, wish more clients were in this audience.conn bertish
"Immigration not only makes life more interesting, it is essential to prosperity" Bill Clinton #canneslionsAndrea Arnau
And on the topic of diversity...
He's inspiring us: President Clinton - Global agencies must embrace CULTURAL DIVERSITY #CannesLions @MPYagency Davis
And on the worry over making mistakes...
'No one is right all the time and a broken clock is right twice a day,' says President Clinton @ClintonTweet #CannesLions via @Cannes_LionsJeff Paiva
And with that...
#CannesLions #OgilvyCannes and a standing ovation for President Clinton for a truly inspirational session. Privilege to see.David Fox

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