Cannes Lions Tuesday: Mad Man Don Draper in Town!


Yes, it's true. It's totally true. In what has to be one of the most surreal sightings of the week, Don Draper (OK, Jon Hamm) is in Cannes today soaking up the sun and mingling with current day ad types. He posed for pictures with several lucky delegates and he attended the Mcgarry Bowen agency party. OK, in other Cannes Lions news today:

- The Gutter Bar is now on Twitter. Yes, really. @thegutterbar.

- Making its first splash in Cannes, agency Leo Cornett arrives in an ice cream truck which has been making its way up and down La Croisette serving goodies to delegates...and trying to avoid the authorities who, apparently, don't approve of such antics.

- The beach volleyball tournament was in full swing today.

- In a bit of a face slap, James Warren noted, Clients don't buy ideas, they are sold them. PR not natural salespeople. Hence, no awards."

- FInally cracking the code to why radio works, Eardrum Founder Ralph van Dijk said, "We can't close our ears to the stuff around us."

- Noting the proliferation of consumer generated content, Johnson & Johnson VP Kim Kadlec noted that agencies are actually being replaced by consumers.

- Oh and who knew? Author Fredrik Haren said an idea is when one person takes two things and combines them in a new way. Seriously. That is so brilliant.

- Facebook Global Head of Brand Design, after a bout of stage fright, worked to calm the fears of some over Facebook's mammoth footprint on humans by saying all it really does is help people do what they've always done. Just faster and more efficiently. He also shared four tips marketers can use when they approach Facebook marketing.

- Microsoft challenged delegates to test the speed of their phones against a Windows Phone.

Don Draper is in Cannes!

And other goodies from Tuesday in Cannes

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Look who's in Cannes!
Sometimes Mad Man happens on Madison Avenue, sometimes sur la Croisette #canneslions2012 #greatadsbadcoffee Trini Castelli
So surreal...
Don Draper at the @Mcgarrybowen #CannesLions party. Yep, it's true.
And in really important news...
The Gutter Bar now has a Twitter. (It is @thegutterbar.) Weird world.Angela Natividad
Pumpkin's Sarah Owen rubbing shoulders with @don_draper at @Cannes_Lions today! #CannesLions
The concept of a local car brand is a mirage #cannesnotlari #canneslionseozkantarci
Frederik Hanren says: "All business is local except the business that is global..." #CannesLions #InsightGrey Ozekhome
All business is local, except the business that is global. Cannot be more true for ad industry. Are you thinking big enough # #CannesLionsdandutesco
And check out how Leo Cornett came to Cannes for its first time...
leocornett's first Cannes outing! Cornett
Facebook says aggregation tells us the story of your life. That's a bigger story than online ads. #CannesLionsLeanne Cutts
"In Cannes, 5 years ago there was only one seminar about mobile. Today, we have The Mobile Day." #CannesLionsTomi Ogunlesi
Takeaways from a Cannes Panel Starring Visa, the IOC and Nadia Comaneci Age
JWT Snares PR Grand Prix for Banco Popular, Puerto Rico Age
Having a great idea is not the key. The key is fighting with passion and persisitence to bring it to life #DDB #CannesLions via @AmirKassaeiIncito Mentis
Japan take on Denmark in the #CannesLions Beach football tournament. Who needs Euro 2012?
Wait, what does this have to do with advertising?
Main insight from #canneslions? Clients don't buy ideas, they are sold them. PR not natural salespeople. Hence, no awardsJames Warren
Cannes Lions TV: Bessie Lee, CEO, GroupM Chinacanneslions
If you want your message get passed by you have to understand why people share. @padday #CannesLionskirowski Isobar
Coca-Cola Joins the Revolution in a World Where the Mob Rules
Courage inspires action. Fear diminishes it. Have fortitude & determination. #CannesLions #landorcannes #NewhouseIDSMHeather Renae Cosson
.@freddahurwitz @HavasCafe @Havas_SE_Fr Let's speak about brands & music festival #CannesLionsébastien Perrier
Don Draper is in Cannes!
Tap into the differences, not the similarities. #CannesLionsAmin Todai
Make sure you pick up your wristband for @Sizzeramsterdam 's party in Cannes! Nivard
"We can't close our ears to the stuff around us" @ralphvandijk on why radio works well to reach an audience. #CannesLions via @HeatherCossonSyed Abdul Karim
Wait, people still do radio?
Yes, a pop-up Starbucks would've been brilliant here. #CannesLionsTim Geoghegan
Baguette Poulet, the best sandwich in Cannes #canneslions Manzi
#CannesLions Coke CMO says creating brand advocacy on social media has overtaken loyalty as the "holy grail" for brands O'Reilly
Cannes day 1: attempted gate crash of exclusive beach party via the roof.... sumeray
It's 1:20 am in Cannes at the #gutterbar and I've never seen it this crazy this early in the week #CannesLionsAlan Gee
Checking out the session by 'UM': 'The Marketer of the Future is the Marketer of Now' at #CannesLions #ozyounglions
'Mobile has now become the primary channel for people to interact with us' David Kenny The Weather Channel #canneslionsPaul Berney
Dutch young creatives make impact on the streets of Cannes. #canneslions Schoonderbeek
Daniel Morel CEO of Wunderman at Cannes Lions 2012microsoftadvertising
#Canneslions Cyber judging looking very good, day 6 of judging and deep into Gold, Silver, Bronze - some fantastic, inspirational work heremalcolm poynton
Cannes Lions 2012Serlunar
Having a great idea is not the key. The key is fighting with passion and persisitence to bring it to life. #ddb #CannesLionsAmir Kassaei
Kim Kadlec on stage. Ad agencies replaced by consumers all over the world #CannesLions Ison'd this naughty bit of Twitter spam get in here...
#canneslions ALEXA is here naughty horny girls who loves to play dirty gamesClarissa Calderon
We are proud to share with you our Gold Direct Lion #canneslions - congratulations to our team Paris
Fredrik Härén: creative people have to doubt when everyones going one direction and be humble #canneslionsMelis Ozbek
Always a good time...
RT @ropolade: Dutch Young Creatives Party, niceee #cannespulse #younglions #younglions Erdesz
#canneslions #CCAYM Cannes young creatives dutch party was amazing!sinanyuksel
Adobe lunch at Le Moulin de Mougins #Canneslions Mitchinson
Trend in video innovation: content tapped by brands from networks of video influencers who have expertise in brand areas #canneslionsJessLitwin
Is your iPhone faster than a Windows phone?
Getting #SmokedByWindowsPhone at #CannesLions 2012microsoftadvertising
After a bout of stage fright, @Facebook's top brand designer tells ad agencies to think different. #CannesLionsAdweek
Randall Rothenberg at Cannes 2012: Day 1 Highlightsiabtv
#canneslions #youtube everybody is recording everything. The world is being captured on video. Life is being action replayed online.Bobby Pawar
Y&R's David Sable on Creativity at Cannes Lions 2012microsoftadvertising
Fredrik Härén: An idea is when one person takes two things and combines them in a new way #canneslionscontagiousmag
Keuzes. @facebook party of terug in Palais voor nog een lezing van @YouTube of demo @Microsoft Phone #canneslions Schoonderbeek
Oh Massive Music...
Dutch delight Party prepaeation by Maaive Music #canneslions Schoonderbeek
Nick Emery CEO of Mindshare Worldwide at Cannes Lions 2012microsoftadvertising
Actually, ads will be made by ordinary people and aimed at themselves. That is how I understand this guy from Youtube. #CannesLionsrado ondřejíček
Per Holmkvist @Mobiento: It's not what can be done on mobile, its what can't be done w/o mobile #CannesLionsiab
Being a digital agency isn't about making banners or sites but how you use technology to connect ppl to brands 365 days a yr. #CannesLionsAlexander Kraev
Rose' with Julie - at Cannes Lions 2012iabtv
Damian Kulash: we used Youtube to make some cool shit #canneslionsMelis Ozbek
Thomas Fellger from Iconmobile showing great creative #CannesLions on stage with @r2rothenberg @iab we go...
The Meyhane : A place for sharing #canneslions Altunay
Oh hell yea...
Working and relaxing @Baoli_Cannes, we are ready for #CannesLions tomorrow! Models
#mecatcannes - MEC's very own Silver Young Lions! Awesome awesomeness #CannesLions bowden
#google beach party #canneslions @ Cannes Lions 2012 - International Festival of Creativity Crepin-Burr
TY! @medialinkllc: @VibrantMedia threw an amazing Yacht party great way to kick off a busy week @ #CannesLions! Media
Nouvelle Vague @ omnicom party #canneslions Dray

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