Cannes Lions Wednesday: Nike More Than Just A Brand


Are you in Cannes for Cannes Lions? Do you wish you were? Could you care less? In any case, we have our daily update for you whether you like it or not. So what happened in Cannes today?

Nike's Stefan Olander and R/GA's Bob Greenberg took the stage and explained to delegates that Nike is now an ecosystem, not just a brand that sells products. Nike has expanded to offer ongoing services like Fuelband that focus on continuous personal improvement.

And in other news for the day:

- To marketer seeking an agency, GSP's Linda Harless said one must know oneself thoroughly before they can find an agency that properly aligns with their interests and goals.

- Spotted: some genius copywriting on display.

- George St-Pierre and Justin Kingsley spoke to the importance of creativity. Even in sports.

- That Arnold bike...still popping up all over Le Croisette.

- Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, who may have ruffled a few feathers by saying Twitter is bigger than Cannes Lions, spoke to the importance of agility and the ability to quickly adapt in what is now a very fast-paced marketing environment.

- Artist JR discussed street art and how the creation of art in general requires a deep level of trust from your subject (ie. your agency) to succeed.

- R/GA has ditched the word "agency" from its nomenclature.

- Renren CEO Joe Chen, in a Cannes Lions profile video spoke to the differences in social networks between China and the rest of the world.

- Ethel wants us to drink her beer.

- Oh right. And WPP acquired AKQA.

It's Wednesday at Cannes Lions!

Yet another daily round up up the advertising industry's annual love fest with the South of France

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Noche de gala... #canneslions @ Cannes Lions 2012 Bosch
How @NikePlus made "Just do it" obsolete. #CannesLionsAdweek
RT @charlie_jelly: @hulyasbubble @JellyLondon free ice cream with @leocornett #canneslions #jellycannes thanks guys! Kirsch
Linda Harless of GSP: Know yourself and your interests, you'll better find an agency that aligns w your personality #CannesLions #Q3Meggie Schmidt
RT @SophiaWetherell: Genius copywriting. #CannesLions deserves to win big. Lam
Great brand DNA: "You're never gonna get money back from gambling. But you can have fantastic entertaining time" - Paddy Power #CannesLionsrado ondřejíček
Cannes Lions TV: George St-Pierre with Justin Kingsleycanneslions
With Twitter winning the week at #CannesLions, here are Three Things Brands Should Know: Strategies UK
Sur la plage...Arnold Bike
Don't build web experiences around content, build them around people. #PaulAdams #CannesLions via @OgilvyCTSyed Abdul Karim
Too cool for school in #hkstrat sunglasses #canneslions Strategies
@draftfcb @Cannes_Lions Photos and art can personalize enemies and defuse tensions #CannesLions Ison
So tonight's the night we go on stage to get our gold medals. Hoping I don't faceplant on the way up. #tbwacannes #CannesLionsJexy
Grey NY CCO Thor in our class 'it's not about inspiring us, it's about you guys being inspired!' #canneslions #CCAYMSerfi Altun
Twitter CEO speaking our language #BrandAgility "adapt campaign to the moment" good example @Audi #canneslions #hzdg
You need a lot of naïvety to do great things. - René CREVEL #awscw3 #CannesLionsAdvertising Week
Gold (Denmark) and silver (Livonia) teams. #canneslions #beachfootballrubins
If anyone has a spare ticket for #CannesLions as well as a #PrivateJet and #Hotel room - hook me up - basic stuff really - thanksJulian Esposito
The effortlessly cool JR at #CannesLions 'The most important value to have in creativity is trust from your subject.'
Denmark are the champions with a 3-1 victory #beachfootball #canneslions Manzi
RT @ladyxtel: Social will become a default layer applied to all mktg mediums- it'll no longer be viewed as a "separate" medium #canneslionsADCI
Cannes Lions TV: Joe Chen Interviewcanneslions
R/GA is redefining the ad agency yet again and dropping the word Agency @Nike #CannesLionsGetty Images Curve
Hell Bob...
The miraculous @bobosphere, Bob Garfield, @ the @CannesLions festival. We're at the @leoburnett predictions brunch #iab Rothenberg
Dick Costolo talked about the power of @Twitter - the emotional connection through the immediacy of communication. @dickc #CannesLionsGetty Images Curve
I was blown away by @InnoceanUSA's @REGENERATIONMP and how their campaign inspired a cultural movement in the music industry. #CannesLionsStephanie Wright
with @sallyalekna at plage royale, bust out the oysters and rose dahling #CannesLions Films
'Single best thing you can do as a client is to have a very narrow brief' Tor @grey #canneslions #CCAYMSerfi Altun
Dear Cannes, Respect your elders. Drink my beer. Kisses, Ethel #CannesLions #EthelsBrew #GoOutWithABangEthels Brew
Best Seminar So Far #CannesLions - Street Artist JR - his pictures create movements @Adage @Cannes_Lions @Draftfcb Davis
"Digital measurement is an art not a science. It's still a work in progress. It's the holy grail." -Fenez #canneslionsH+K Strategies
PRLions were largely ad' campaigns, the scale of which stimulated buzz, rather than PR campaigns which created conversation #canneslionsDave Roberts
Digitas ladies in Cannes! @digitas #canneslions Yabsley
#canneslions pwc says mobile to overtake online classified 2016Mobile Marketing Asc
Heineken Lounge #canneslions
Since the advent of smart devices, mobile has become a reality. Mobile ads will overtake online by 2016 #canneslions #pwcH+K Strategies
The first 20 years of the Internet was built around content. The new version is built around people - @pauladams #Facebook #CannesLionsIncito Mentis
"@AKQA: AKQA, the world's leading independent and most awarded digital agency, to join WPP" #canneslions #newsofthedayCarmen Rodriguez
PwC estimates 2.9 billion smartphones in 2016, 1bln in China #ddb #ddbwaw #Doodad #CannesLions Mironiuk
Getting ready for #mmmmagency @massive_music party tonight #cannesGeorgette Lucas
Branded content is hot topic at #canneslions, when it's going to be too much of it for people to follow?Bor Kolarič
Livonia just won Sweden and goes to finals. Here's winnig team. #canneslions #beachfootball Rubīns
Cannes here I come... Looking forward to the Campaign party this eve!Kat Levy
Massive Music is going to rock...
#canneslions for Cannesseurs. Just a few parties happening this evening along la croisette
@adage Cannes Party underway at the Majestic #canneslions Carola
@adage Hope you are having a wonderful party at the Majestic right now. Wish I could have been there! #canneslionsAdrants
@Campaignmag @campaigntr party is getting hotter and hotter #canneslions Ozturk
And we're open! #canneslion #connectbar
Anyone know which yacht I left my case of Rosé on? #CannesLionsMatt Murphy

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