'Quantity Over Quality' Earns Adrants Influential Ad Blog Win


Well. Call us humbled. Or humiliated. We really can't decide. It's been a long time since Adrants has received any notoriety from the media. Back in the day, we were routinely showered with praise from the likes of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Ad Age and many others. In today's tweet-centric world of social media, not so much. Perhaps it's the fact no one cares about blogging any more. Or that every copywriter and his art director publishes one. Or that Mashable has basically crushed us all. Whatever the case may be, the glory days of Adrants are over.

But, according to Business Insider, all is, apparently, not lost. It seems there are still 22 influential advertising bloggers feverishly praising and bemoaning the world of advertising on a daily basis.

All the usual suspects are on the list; AdFreak, Adland, Copyranter, AdScam, AgencySpy along with other lesser known but equally interesting blogs.

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-12    
Topic: Announcements

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