Three Keys to Improving Facebook Reach and Engagement


So you've got a Facebook page for your brand. You diligently manage the page and post content to it. You're collecting Likes. You're getting comments. But you feel like something's missing. There should be more activity. More people commenting. More engagement overall. So what's the problem?

Allow us to introduce you to Facebook EdgeRank, EdgeRank is an algorithm that scores your Facebook posts and determines how far each post travels and how many people see it. Much like mastering Google's algorithm's for your search marketing efforts, Facebook EdgeRank must be mastered as well.

Wildfire is out with a free whitepaper that will educate you on the ins and outs of Facebook EdgeRank and teach you how to insure your posts are seen by as many of your fans and followers as possible.

For the whitepaper, Wildfire analyzed over 60,000 Facebook brand pages and 1 million posts and discovered:

- The 3 primary factors that determine your EdgeRank for any post
- The best-performing content types, and how to maximize their results
- The top 3 things you can do to increase fan engagement

Download the whitepaper now to find out how you can improve your Facebook efforts.

by Steve Hall    Jul-17-12    
Topic: Research, Social

Afternoon Delight: Sex Still Selling Axe, Consumer Spending Drops


- Just as Axe cools things off a bit with its American advertising, it's Argentinian advertising is heating up.

- Barbarian Group has announced the hire of its first Executive Director of Business Development, Christopher Wollen. In the newly created role, Chris will be focusing on the growth of existing TBG business including Samsung, GE, Bloomberg + Pepsi, reporting directly to TBG President Sophie Kelly.

- Dylan Stuart, a business, brand and design strategist with extensive experience consulting for Fortune 500 and emerging market clients, has joined Lippincott as a partner in its London office.

- In the UK, six artists, including Banksy collaborator Paul Insect, have postered their own work over existing outdoor campaigns to "challenge the destructive impacts of the advertising industry."

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by Steve Hall    Jul-17-12    
Topic: Research

GoDaddy Gets Even Hotter Girl For Post-Hot Girl Campaign


When GoDaddy announced it had decided to work with an ad agency and selected Deutsch as its first, many assumed that would put an end to the brand's penchant for drooling all over the internet with its long-running, hot chick-focused advertising.

But, we are told, the campaign is more "evolution" than "revolution. So it would seem the hot chicks are here to stay. At least for a little while. Deutsch's first ad, entitled Otter (thankfully, not Beaver) features, perhaps, one of the hottest women ever to appear in a GoDaddy ad. Charlene, as she is called, "is how GoDaddy attracts domain name customers."

It's a smart wink-nod to the brand's past work and to the fact that, whether or not sex actually sells, it certainly does attracts eyeballs.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-17-12    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Racy

Airtime Enlists MC Hammer, Kurt Russell For Inaugural Ad


Perhaps you've heard of Airtime, the Chatroulette-like video chat service from Shawn Parker that allows you to chat randomly with your Facebook friends or complete strangers based on interests. Anyway, Airtime Co-Founder Shawn Fanning just released a promotional video for the service which features spokesman Ian Plaff who also works for the agency that created the video, Portal A.

Plaff takes on the persona of Buckley Rivington, a well-to-do, old money sort of fellow who's right at home in his Hugh Hefner-wear while chatting up the likes of MC Hammer, Kurt Russel, Gary Vaynerchuk and Ronnie Lott on Airtime.

It's humorous enough if you're into that whole "I'm an uber geek who has to adopt every new widget the tech industry produces" thing.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-17-12    
Topic: Commercials

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Sarah Silverman Offers to Get Romney Backer's Rocks Off


I never really thought of Sarah Silverman as being all that sexy but after watching her offer to "scissor" Vegas casino big wig and Romney backer Sheldon Adelson "wearing a bikini bottom through to fruition," my opinion may have changed a bit.

In a video (very likely NSFW), Silverman, who is a staunch Obama supporter, along with Barnacle Studios and the Jewish Council for Education and Research is urging Adelson to give the $100 million he has offered to Romney to Obama instead. And she's offering to get Adelson's rocks off if he agrees.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-17-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Political

Fiat Delivers New Breed of Italian Immigrants to America


We like this new Fiat work from The Richards Group. Entitled Immigrants, the work leaves behind Jennifer Lopez and Fiat hot chick Catrinel Menghia and, instead, focuses on the vehicles themselves likening them to a new wave of Italian immigrants.

Whether or not the vehicles are actually Italian immigrant or transplants from factories in Mexico and Poland can be discussed on your own time. For now, we're just going to ask you to appreciate one of the finer automobile brand ads we've seen in a while.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-17-12    
Topic: Campaigns

Little Men Molest Naked Lady Gaga in Perfume Ad


What's up with this whole nudity in advertising thing? Headlines scream, "Celebrity Gets Naked in New Ad Campaign!" Yet, the celebrity is not actually naked. Either they are wearing minimal clothing or have their private bits strategically covered with another body part.

And what, actually, is nudity? Not so long ago, exposing any part of the breast was considered nudity. Then came plunging necklines revealing cavernous cleavage. Then came underboob which, with a strategically placed small t-shirt, exposed the bottom half of the breast. Then, it seems, exposing the entire breast except the nipple became acceptable. That came either in the form of pasties or the beloved hand bra.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-17-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Racy

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