Skyy Brings Beer Babes to Vodka


Long ago beer brands, for the most part, gave up using hot chicks to shill their brew. If you recall, we had the Coors Twins, the Miller Lite Catfight girls, the classy Heineken beer babes, the burping and farting Troegs beer babe, the Skinny Blond skinny blonds and so many more.

But no more. The trend ended and, for the most part, beer brands cleaned up their act and went in different directions. Of course, this being advertising, most humans having an addiction to sex and many creative types far too stunted to get their minds out of the gutter, hot babes with big tits in bikinis and miniskirts will, forever, have their place in the world of advertising.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-19-12    
Topic: Commercials, Racy

Over 40 Percent of Adults Will Live Stream Olympics on Mobile Devices


Mobile marketing tech provider Velti has released the results of a study conducted by Harris Interactive in June showing 40 percent of those who plan to follow the Olympics this summer will do so on two or more devices. The results also revealed that 35 percent of U.S. adults will turn to their tablet for news and coverage, while 27 percent will use their smartphone.

Among those turning to smartphones or tablets to track the games, online browsers will trump application usage on both devices. Of those using a smartphone who will follow the Olympics, 77 percent will tune in using a browser while 63 percent will use an app for updates. Among tablet users, 80 percent will use a browser and only 58 percent will utilize apps.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-19-12    

CougarLife Is For Motherf*%ckers


Sure to incite a bit of neighborhood outrage, CougarLife has placed a billboard on Sunset Boulevard in the 90069 zip code, an area the marketer says has more cougars per capita than any other zip code. The copy reads, "CougarLife. For Motherf*%ckers"

by Steve Hall    Jul-19-12    
Topic: Outdoor, Racy

Adidas Adizero Gets Inside Mind of Opponent


Having done a bit of competitive running back in the day, we know the importance of light footwear. But at a certain point, how much does it really matter? After all, shoes just aren't all that heavy when compared to the foot and the muscle to which they are attached. Especially the foot and muscles of football players like Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin.

In any event, new work from 180LA illustrates how important it is to get inside the head of one's opponent before the game. What this has to do with the lightness of a shoe we know not. But we're sure it's a sports thing.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-19-12    
Topic: Commercials

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Kimberly Clark Addresses Menopause Head On


A new campaign from Kimberly Clark aims to open up the menopause kimono with personal stories from women going through menopause. Created by Organic, campaign also introduces five new products designed to address symptoms associated with peri-menopause and menopause.

Frank, personal stories from women going through menopause address issues and symptoms such as changes in intimacy, hot flashes and general change in lifestyle and mindset.

The campaign includes a new website which houses these stories along with in-depth, informational Q&A and product demos. The effort carries over to social media where a new Facebook page encourages engagement, a YouTube channel shares the stories and a Twitter account enables conversation.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-19-12    
Topic: Campaigns

PSA Seeks to End HIV For Good


Vancouver agency FCV, in partnership with Vanvouver Coastal Health and Providence Health Care, is out with Change Hivstory (that's spelled correctly), an AIDS awareness campaign that aims to alleviate myths, encourage testing and influence people to pass the message along.

Of the campaign, FCV President and CEO John Starke said, "Fear-based tactics found in most HIV communications just perpetuate the stigma that prevents people from getting tested,. So to resonate with those who still feel HIV is someone else's disease, we set out to inspire and empower them to become a part of the solution, by participating in a movement that will change history."

A three minute video focuses on similar past successful efforts to change people's thinking and demonstrate how a collective effort can eradicate the world of tragedy and desease.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-19-12    
Topic: Cause

Nationwide Gets Serious With Julia Roberts


Nationwide is ditching its "world's greatest spokesperson in the world" funny man and will take on a more serious tone with a new spot, Anthem, featuring voice over by Julia Roberts. Kicking off on NBC during the Summer Olympics, the one minute commercial, created by McKinney, will have Roberts asking viewers to "join a different kind of insurance company."

Bolstering the television will be radio, print and online efforts fueling the increasingly crowded insurance marketplace currently dominated by Allstate, Progressive, Farmers and Geico.

Of the campaign's shift, Nationwide Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Matthew Jauchius said, "When you have a competitor spending over a billion dollars on ads, which we do, you have to break through the clutter in a relevant way. We are going against the grain in the marketplace by taking a more sincere tone, an authentic tone...rather than just a yuk with a phone number, which seems to characterize our category today."

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by Steve Hall    Jul-19-12    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity

Nooner: Slim and Stacked Get Support, Life As Pregnant CEO


- Ladies, are you, as they say, slim and stacked? Well this new ad campaign and product line are for you.

- AKQA Founder Ajaz Ahmed rallies the troops post-WPP acquisition with a motivational internal email.

- Digital KPIs Research has found marketers are currently tracking between five and ten different digital KPIs, 24 per cent of respondents are already monitoring 10-15 and eight per cent are tracking of 16-20 while just 12 per cent keep an eye on less than five indicators. 72 per cent of respondents thought their current data load was about right but 20 per cent conceded that it was too many.

- Yawn. Man proposes to women using billboard.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-19-12    
Topic: Campaigns, Racy, Research

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