A Look at Ten Successful Viral Videos


The whole "viral advertising" thing has been around for a while. The term itself has been misused and abused ("let's do a viral video!") and a clear definition has never truly been established. But, no matter. We're going to take a look at ten videos that have, according to our guest writer, Tom Norman, achieved viral notoriety. Take away, Tom.

By nature, viral videos are actively sought out and watched by thousands, often millions of people online and so if one can create an effective "viral" to promote one's brand, surely that's a better ad than paying for banners down the sides of websites or even paying for a spot on prime-time TV, right?

However, there is clearly more to it than that. What makes a successful viral ad? How can you go about making one to promote your brand? Well, all we can do is break down the most successful viral ads out there and try and establish protons and neurons of what makes them work. So without further ado, let's crack on with the top 10.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-22-12    
Topic: Viral

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