Bond-Like Pierce Brosnan Pimps Online Gambling Site Lottomatica


As if ripped from a James Bond movie scene, a woman, dressed in a towel having just emerged from the shower, dries her hair and says, "five minutes." As the camera glides across a very James Bond-like abode, James Bond, himself aka Pierce Bronson, walks into the frame and intones, "take your time."

Bond puts on his cufflinks, grams his coat from the closet, grabs his Visa card and straightens his tie. As his half-his-age date emerges dressed to the nines in an evening gown, Bond asks, "Are you ready?"

He then presses a button revealing his plans for the evening. Much to the dismay of his date, it doesn't look like there will be fancy dining and other Bond-like activities. Oh no. But, no matter, Bond seems pretty pleased with himself even if his date wishes she were in an actual Bond movie with a much more Bond-like character who would lavish her with an evening worthy of, well, Bond.

This being a commercial, the date will have to wait for her action-filled evening and, instead, enjoy and evening of super exciting online gambling.

Yes, Pierce Brosnan is pimping online gambling for Italy's Lottomatica. Hey, it's not really a stretch, though. This is the age of the internet. Bond can't be stuck in the offline gambling world forever now can he?

The work was created by Lowe Pirella Fronzoni.

by Steve Hall    Jul-26-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials   

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