Nationwide is on Danica Patrick's Side


In a new GoDaddy...uh...Nationwide Insurance ad, GoDaddy...uh...Nationwide Insurance spokesperson Danica Patrick touts the brand's current mantra; that it doesn't have shareholders so it's puts its members first. She also touts the brand's long-running Vanishing Deductible which, according to this commercial, results in something much better than a $0 deductible: Danica Patrick's phone number.

Courtesy of rabble rouser Dale Earnhardt, Patrick's number is revealed so those who have lusted after her for years in GoDaddy commercials can harass her. Of course, if the lustful actually call her, they will be disappointed. The number is not Danica's cell number but it does lead to a message from her asking for suggestions on how she can return the prank to Earnhardt in a future ad. ANd if Danica likes your suggestions, she just might call you back. Fan boys can only hope.

by Steve Hall    Jul-30-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials   

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