Old Milwaukee Still Trying to Become Relevant Again


Old Milwaukee is up to its old tricks again. Having enlisted Will Ferrell to make a few limited local appearances for the brand including one local market Super Bowl appearance, the brand is back, this time with Jose Canseco.

Two spots aired in Kansas City during last night's All-Star game. The videos appear to have been recorded off a TV screen rather than having been uploaded in original form.

Canseco talks about having the stones to admit having dragged the sport through the mud and why the Kansas City Royal fell on hard times after 1985 - they didin't cheat like everyone else.

The spots have an amateurish, homegrown feel, an intriguing approach and, perhaps, a smart one for a brand without a Budweiser budget. In today's YouTube-fueled world, buying national television isn't the only way to get your brand's message seen by the masses. There aren't too many views yet for either of the two videos but we shall see how it plays out during the week,

by Steve Hall    Jul-10-12   Click to Comment   

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