The Most Twisted Ice Cream Ad You Will Ever See


In what is, without doubt, the strangest ice cream commercial you will ever see, Philadelphia-based Little Baby's Ice Cream introduces an entirely new way to enjoy its super premium, 16 percent butter fat ice cream.

With all the creepiness of a pedophile, an announcer intones the wonders of "eating baby's ice cream" the as a man (woman?) scoops ice cream off his (her?) head.

Seriously twisted stuff but with all the proper ingredients to become a viral success.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-12    
Topic: Strange

How to be A Douche by Vodafone


In a new commercial created by Actung, Vodafone is touting their Party Starter app that, according to this ad, really only succeeds at one thing; making you look like a douche. And that's really all we have to say about that.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-12    
Topic: Brands

In Alaska Size Isn't All That Matters


Alaska Communications is out with a beautiful new commercial, Great Alaska, that touts the state's vast size and the company's ability to connect people so it doesn't seem so vast. The commercial, created by Vitro, was shot at four frames per second with a miniaturizing filter effect applied resulting in an effect that perfectly communicates the intended strategy.

With the copy, "when you exist for the sole purpose of keeping Alaskans connected, you learn to treat small businesses like big businesses," the message of connecting people together in such an expanse is driven home.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-12    
Topic: Campaigns

Adrants (Finally) Gets A Proper Mobile Site


Yes, it's true. Adrants now has a proper mobile site. It's not perfect. It's not complete. But it is far better than trying to view the full site on a mobile device. We used Mojaba to create it...ourselves! No mobile designer needed. Let us know what you think.

And, yes, we know it needs more work. It's fueled by the RSS feed (which, by the way, is now a full feed for you RSS junkies) so it's not perfect but it works. Have fun. Go to to see it.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-12    
Topic: Announcements

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Wieden + Kennedy Gets Comfortable With Southern Comfort


In the world of advertising it's pretty much written in stone that brands portray their products in an aspirational manner using imagery and actors that are everything a consumer wants to be but can't because they aren't rich enough, beautiful enough, skinny enough, own a fancy enough car, have big enough breasts or a six pack that puts Calvin Klein models to shame.

Which is why we love this new Southern Comfort work from Wieden + Kennedy New York. Called Whatever's Comfortable, it's a celebration of just that. No pretense here at all. Just a not so perfect looking guy walking down the beach with all the calm collected coolness that only...ahem...comfort with one's own body can bring.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-12    
Topic: Agencies, Brands

Those New FedEx Spots? Yea, They're Pretty Good


AdFreak loves them. AgencySpy loves them. And we do too. Three new FedEx spots from BBDO New York amp up the funny with deliciously zany scenarios, all involving golf. First up, a very Kiss-like (well, looking, that is) rock band lazily lounges in a hotel room as their manic manager bursts in and shouts, "How am I supposed to sell you guys as the most dangerous band in the world when you're seen schlepping golf clubs through the airport?"

The wordplay which follows between manager and band is magically masterful as the band turns out to be a bunch of golf-loving softies who'd never think of trashing a hotel room.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-12    

The Importance (And Relevance) of Official Olympic Sponsorship


This Olympics-focused editorial series is written by Ronald Urbach, Chairman of law firm Davis & Gilbert LLP and the co-chair of the Advertising, Marketing & Promotions Practice Group at the firm.

How many of you have seen this phrase in advertising on the Olympics broadcast: Official Sponsor of the U.S. Olympic Committee? We have all seen these words before. But take a moment and think about them. What do these words really mean? Who cares what they mean?

Consider the word - "Official." The key authorizing party behind the Olympics has decided that some companies will be in the club and the rest will not. To get in the club, a company has to enter in to a formal sponsorship agreement and pay a substantial fee; and in turn, it gets the right to call itself an Official Sponsor.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-12    
Topic: Opinion

How to Master the Art of Content Marketing


This white paper from Limelight, part of the Adrants white paper series, will show you best practices, tips, and solutions for turning content assets into online customer engagement and higher web conversion rates.

In this report, you'll find:

  • An overview of content marketing strategies and solutions
  • Keys to content development success
  • Must-haves for content publishing and distribution

Download this free white paper now and learn how you can implement and benefit from content marketing.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-12    
Topic: Research

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