Cadbury Goes Olympic, Grolsch Gives Beer Away


- Some interesting Cadbury Idents running in Ireland during the Olympics.

- Check out this Grolsch case study that overviews their mobile-enabled campaign with the brand's famed Journt Von Des, a police inspector who never speaks but always gets his man.

- Here's that Singapore National Day video that asks citizens to have sex to raise the birth rate.

- comScore has announced the launch of comScore TabLens™, a monthly syndicated service providing insights into U.S. tablet ownership and usage. Based on a 3-month rolling sample of 6,000 U.S. tablet owners, TabLens will provide insight into tablet audiences, including demographics, content consumption habits and device ownership, to provide the industry with the most up-to-date look at this expanding tablet market.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 7-12    
Topic: Campaigns

David & Goliath Create Insanely Great California Lottery Spot


David & Goliath have come up with a quick witted answer to the boring genre of lottery advertising. Granted, they still rely on the tried and true method of showing what sudden riches bring to a person but they've done it in such a way that it's quirky, fun and just strange enough to stray outside the norm. And we very much like outside the norm.

As the ad begins, we see a normal man walking down the street with his normal dog. But once he realizes he's won California's Strike It RIch, things change dramatically. And very quickly. And very strangely. There is so much rich detail within the last :20 of this commercial that you'll have to watch it several time to truly appreciate it.

Our favorite moment? Meeting the man's transformed dog, now called Cornelius and inventor of long division.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 7-12    
Topic: Commercials

Crazy Rob Zombie Cures Ant-Fueled Craziness


This Rob Zombie-directed slice of horrific wit has fun with the children's song, The Ants Go Marching. As only Zombie can, he conjures a situation where a woman is driven so crazy by the presence of ants that she becomes overwhelmed with the uncontrollable urge to, well, go crazy and kill.

Thankfully, there's Amdro which, because it annihilates ants, can return even the craziest person to a state of calm.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 7-12    

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