Little Mermaid Gets Boob Job in Plastic Surgery Ad


Falling squarely in the semi-blasphemous category is this ad for Venezuelan plastic surgery center Clinica Dempere which shows what happens to our favorite Disney characters undergo the knife.

In the ads, Evil Witch, the Frog Prince and Little Mermaid (Ariel) become transformed. Evil Witch gets major facial reconstruction and becomes a hottie, Frog Prince has a total body transformation and becomes a debonair hunk. And Little Mermaid has her tail removed, her boobs enlarged and her face transformed into, well, a train wreck as compared to Ariel's original beautilicious innocence.

We're all for bigger boobs in certain circumstances (especially in the case of this dancer whose boobs kept spilling out of both the top and the bottom of her much too small top) but not when it comes to the overblown efforts of some who feel turning a human into a freak is worth getting paid for.

The least they could have done was make Ariel look pretty.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-17-12    
Topic: Strange

Saatchi London Channels The Truman Show For Toyota


Saatchi London has created a wondrously futuristic-looking animated video for the new Toyota GT86. In the ad, we see a man who is resigned to his mundane, slightly 1984-ish life in a society where "feeling" is a capital offense. But once he lays his eyes on the GT86, fear of persecution is no longer an issue. And once he gets behind the wheel, there's no stopping him.

Sort of like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show, our digitized man, stuck in a fake existence, breaks free into the real world to experience full on thrill of true human exhilaration only a Toyota GT86 can deliver. Well, in a Toyota GT86 ad that is.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-17-12    
Topic: Commercials

Slackliner Tightropes Between Two Speeding Volvo Trucks


We have to agree with AdWeek's David Gianatasio on this one. To "demonstrate the precision and control of the new Volvo FH series truck," Swedish ad agency Forsman & Bodenfors set up a slacklining stunt whereby slickliner Faith Dickey would walk a tightrope between two moving trucks approaching tunnels.

As with other stunts similar to this that attempt to illustrate the superiority of a machine or vehicle, as Gianatasio argues, it's really the skill of the operator as opposed to the technical precision of the machine that truly matters. Volvo could have grabbed two 20 year old 18 wheelers, a pair of great stunt drivers and accomplished the same thing.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-17-12    
Topic: Guerilla

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