Guy Books Hotel While Running with the Bulls


So you remember that crazy skydiving stunt did when extreme athlete JT Holmes booked a room at a hotel while in free fall? If not, here it is. Now,, with help from Y&R, is at it again but this time they've got stuntman Andy Bell trying to book a hotel room while he's running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

As the kids say, that shit is cray.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-24-12    

Horny Women Do the Strangest Things


Usually when a guy needs to lay some pipe, he does all sorts of stupid stuff to get the girl. But when a girl gets the urge, it's a bit more subtle. But not when you are a woman under the spell of the Axe Effect. In this case, a woman will do everything she can to get the meat she craves.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-24-12    
Topic: Racy

Prince Harry's Naked Strip Poker Picture Inspires Las Vegas Ad


The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, reacting to Prince Harry's recent Las Vegas strip poker scandal, has launched an ad campaign reinforcing its "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" code.

Of the campaign which, for all intents and purposes, defends Prince Harry's actions, LCVA spokeswoman Courtney Fitzgerald said, "Las Vegas is about adult freedom. It's important for friends to know what activities can be shared publicly and what activities are protected by the code."

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by Steve Hall    Aug-24-12    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity, Racy

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